FAIL: Anti-Gun Groups Try To Spin Record High Gun Sales Into Record High Support For Gun Control

We reported yesterday that a record number of Americans bought guns during the month of August, with just over 3.1 million NICS checks performed.  That’s slightly down from July’s 3.6 million, but was 57% higher than the 2.6 million checks run in August of 2019.

This marked the eighth straight month of record high gun sales — and a 43% increase over last year.  But even more interesting, the NSSF estimates that at least 5 million Americans have become gun owners for the first time in 2020.

What can those AstroTurf organizations like Everyclown for Gun Safety and the Mad Commie Mommies do about the fact that millions of Americans have rejected their talking points and are relying on a gun to protect themselves and their families?

Spin Hard, Spin Fast

Try to spin the numbers and pretend that Americans still believe a word they’re saying.  Check out this quote from their website:

“With protestors being shot in the streets and gun violence on the rise, more guns is not the recipe for public safety,” said Nick Suplina, managing director of law and policy at Everytown for Gun Safety. “Fortunately, polls show this jump in sales leads more Americans to support common sense gun safety laws, which is bad news for every 2020 candidate who is still taking orders from the gun lobby, starting with President Trump.”

But a recent Rasmussen poll doesn’t bear that out at all!   In fact, a Rasmussen poll from August of 2019 indicated that nearly 64% of respondents “agreed with the idea that more gun laws are needed.”

But in August of 2020, the same poll said that number had dropped 12 points to 52%.  While that’s still a majority, it’s hardly a majority and the numbers are continuing to fall!

They Have To Blame Trump

But EveryClown didn’t stop there.  They couldn’t miss an opportunity to blame President Trump for all their public relations problems, first.

“Gun sales have been surging since the pandemic began, so it’s impossible to identify the exact reason for this month’s sales,” said Rob Wilcox, deputy director of policy and strategy at Everytown. “But it is clear that President Trump and gun companies are recklessly fear mongering every day, which is dangerous and wrong at a time when the threat of gun violence is on the rise and hospitals are overflowing with patients.”

No mention is made of the 100 days of violence, destruction and rioting in Portland –and dozens other American cities.  No mention is made of staggering rise in crime in cities that already have most of Everyclown’s favorite gun control.

And where, exactly, are hospitals “overflowing with patients?”   Statistically?  Nowhere.  Americans are about done buying the fear mongering from the left — on ANY topic!

Weak Sauce From Everyclown

Wilcox claims that Americans are only buying guns because of “reckless fear mongering’. It’s insulting how these people assume Americans can’t think for themselves, but have to be led around by the nose.

Secondly, it’s laughable that they hold up Donald Trump as a Second Amendment champion.  They’d be hard pressed to find any significant number of gun owners who think that Donald Trump has done what he could have for the Second Amendment.  And an even larger number of gun owners could list several things he did that he shouldn’t have done — with bump stocks being the perfect example.

The longer the left encourages their ‘peaceful’ shock troops to riot, loot, and destroy, the more Americans are going to reject their anti-gun propaganda.