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Florida Woman Shoots, Kills Man Climbing Into Her Bedroom Window At 1:00 AM

MIAMI-DADE, FL — An intruder in a Miami neighborhood learned his lesson — and paid with his life — early last Friday morning after he tried to climb in the window of a woman’s Brownsville apartment.

Police say that a man was allegedly trying to climb into the woman’s bedroom window around 1:00 in the morning.

The woman pulled out a gun and shot the man.  By the time police arrived, the intruder was dead on the floor.

The apartment complex, located near Northwest 59th Street and 19th Avenue, was blocked off for several hours on Friday morning as police investigated.

It’s not clear if the woman knew the man coming through the window.  “At this time we don’t know the circumstances behind it,” said Angel Rodriguez, a spokesman for Miami-Dade police.

7News cameras captured the body being transported away from the scene.

Check out this news report:


Be Ready — No Matter Where You Live

As social unrest spreads across the country, we’re hearing stories more often of violent crime in previously peaceful neighborhoods.  Heck, half of Minneapolis used to be a peaceful neighborhood!

No matter where you live, take a few hours to make a plan and share it with your family.  Go through some practice drills, and make sure everybody is clear on what they’d do in a similar situation.

This is what politicians and legislators refuse to admit!

Nobody breaks into Nancy Pelosi’s gated neighborhood.  Nobody tries to get in the bedroom window of Diane Feinstein — though surely a few have tried to escape via her bedroom windows!

But for America’s Average Joe or Jane, a gun is the best and fastest form of defense available. The police may be busy on other calls or you might life fifteen minutes away!  That’s IF the radical left hasn’t successfully defunded the police and replaced them with social workers!

When seconds count, your gun rights matter a lot more than how nice your house is or how fancy your neighborhood.

Fight for your family, fight for your gun rights.  Sometimes they’re all you’ve got.

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