Bloomberg Takes Aim At Iowa — Plans To Spend $5 Million On 2020 Election, Making Iowa Into Virginia 2.0

Des Moines, IA — Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made no bones about using his money to help get anti-gun candidates elected to office.  And while he’s happy to get them elected anywhere, he’s specifically targeting weak Republicans in obscure districts who will be easiest to unseat. Doing this, he hopes to flip the majority to the Democrat side — and then ram his gun control agenda down the throats of America’s gun owners.

He’s done it in Virginia.  And now he wants to do it in Iowa.

That’s the word this week as Everytown for Gun Safety, the group co-founded by Bloomberg, is launching a multi-million dollar TV ad campaign in Iowa and North Carolina this week. This is the first of many major ad buys coming from Bloomberg’s organization ahead of the November election.

Iowa and North Carolina are the focus of several national anti-gun organizations because they represent two races that will be pivotal in what happens in the Senate in the fall.

According to Politico, the ads are targeting Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst:

The ads start running Tuesday and are negative spots criticizing Sens. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Thom Tillis (R-N.C.). They aren’t specifically about gun control measures, but rather accuse both senators of being beholden to “special interests” including the “gun lobby” and insurance industry. Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund is spending nearly $3.2 million on TV and digital platforms in North Carolina, and nearly $2.2 million in Iowa.

Everytown has endorsed Ernst’s opponent, Theresa Greenfield in the race for Senator.  While Ernst is nothing to write home about on guns, Bloomberg recognized that from a tactical standpoint, she’s the easiest Senator to unseat who happens to be up for reelection this fall.

See how that works?  MODERATE Republicans put a target on their own back for the left — because the left realizes that they can either be bought or removed easily because NOBODY is loyal to them!

The Left’s Playbook Is Already Written

Everytown’s Senior Political advisor, Charlie Kelly, explained their thought process:

“Last year we saw historic movement on gun safety from the U.S. House, but without gun safety champions in the Senate and changing the composition of that chamber, the House legislation will just continue to collect dust on [Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell’s desk.”

The left knows what they’re doing and they know that it works!  They did this exact same thing to Virginia in their election in November of 2019.  And gun owners all know how that’s turned out for Virginians.

Politics Have Changed– So Should Our Tactics

This is how the left plays the game — they’re out for political blood and they don’t care how nasty and dirty they have to fight in order to win.

They aren’t ashamed of bringing big leftist donors into a rural state like Iowa and trying to ram gun control down Iowans’ throats.  They’re PROUD of what they’ve done to Virginia and want to bring that program to Iowa.  And once they take the Senate, the gun rights battle gets even harder to win.

For the last fifty years, most pro-gun organizations have tried to win by being nice.  They thought they’d get ahead by making friends, cutting backroom deals, and compromising.

That’s because their goal wasn’t to advance gun rights but to advance their own political careers.

But Bloomberg’s billions tucked away in his bottomless pockets mean that era is over.  Elections are being all but purchased by leftist billionaires like Bloomberg and George Soros.

The era of being friendly is OVER.  Our side needs to get nasty with the hard left — and fast!  The tide has turned on the old style of gun politics.  And millions of gun owners are getting on board.