WATCH: Shocking Footage Of Double Homicide In De Blasio’s Disarmed New York City — But Who Needs Police?

NYC, NY — We reported about the bloodbath that New York City has become in recent weeks as the left cries to defund the police.  On June 15th, Mayor De Blasio obediently disbanded an anti-crime unit of the New York Police Department, and murders are up 208% in the three weeks since that time.

Just yesterday, Rodney Harrison, chief of detectives at the New York City Police Department, tweeted a video of a double homicide that happened over the weekend.

The video is dated Sunday, July 5, 2020, and represents two of the 11 people killed over the holiday weekend in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s paradise.

Check out this video — but a warning to sensitive viewers:

In the video, three men are walking down an apartment complex hallway when a man with a gun appears in the lower corner of the security footage.  The shooter starts to fire on the three, who flee in terror.  They’re bunched up, trying to get into the apartment and away from the flying bullets.

They’re all three hit before they ever get the door opened.  Two of the men died of their injuries.  There’s no word at this time on the condition of third man.

Senseless Violence

When the Mayor of a major city like New York bows to the mob and says that police are the problem — not violent criminals — he is all but telling the criminals they’re the victims of society and to murder, rape and plunder all they want.

The left likes to think that if they were ‘just treated nicer’ they wouldn’t behave this way.  But the data doesn’t bear that out.

Meanwhile, the left shouts and marches about systemic racism among the police — despite the fact that 27% of all police officers are ethnic minorities themselves.

They also overlook important data about the crimes that occur with a reduced police presence.  For example, they ignore that once the police were scaled back and violence skyrocketed, the primary victims of all this violence were minorities.  Of the nearly 100 people shot in the first six days of July, ALL of them were minorities.


Is ANYBODY really safer with fewer police on the streets?

In New York City alone, 11 minorities have been shot and killed in July alone.  Meanwhile, the total number of unarmed black people killed by all American police in all of 2019 was 13.

Are the minority communities safer with less police presence?

It sure doesn’t seem like it to us.