WATCH: Graphic Video From NYC, Father Murdered While Walking Daughter Across Street

NYC, NY — If you feel like crime in the big cities has been on the news a lot lately, you’re not wrong.  As cries to ‘Defund the police’ ring out from leftists across the country, crime has risen at a shocking pace.

We reported on the spike in crime in NYC over the 4th of July weekend —when 38 people were shot and 11 people were killed in a single weekend.

Yesterday, Chief of Detectives for the New York Police Department Rodney Harrison released this video clip.  His department is asking for the public’s help finding the driver or passenger of the vehicle.

You can see this father holding his six-year-old daughter’s hand while he walks her across a street in the Bronx around 6:00 on Sunday night.

That’s when a car pulls up beside him, rolls down the window, and an arm comes holding with a gun.

The passenger fired one shot, and the father collapsed to the ground.   The little girl can be seen running off, terrified.

The man who was shot died of his injuries.  Police are still looking for the vehicle, the driver and the shooter.

Meanwhile, comments on Chief Rodney Harrison show the true insanity of the left.

After watching that video, one twitter viewer said:

This leftist STILL wants to defund the police. Watching murder and mayhem in the streets is a small price to pay if they can accomplish their political goals!

Meanwhile, for the peaceful residents of NYC, the city has turned into a dangerous den of criminals.

More than 110 people have been shot in NYC between June 20th and June 29th.  There were more than 83 different shootings during those nine days.

And July isn’t looking any better, with crime already 204% higher than last year at this time.

What About Gun Control?

The left is so deceitful they think they can get away with blaming guns for this problem.  No mention that NYC has the sort of gun control that the left wants to bring everywhere  and it’s NOT working to stop crime.

No mention that defunding the police is what precipitated this summer of murder and mayhem.

No, the left keeps pointing fingers and trying to gaslight half the country.

We aren’t falling for it.  And if gun sales numbers are any indication, nor is the rest of the country.