Gardner’s Revenge: Pat McCloskey Faces A Felony Charge Though Her Gun Was Intentionally Inoperable — Could Only Fire Once It Was Reassembled Correctly By Crime Lab

St. Louis, MO — If the McCloskeys haven’t been through enough, leftist Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner seems intent on making their lives hell.

Gardner charged both Mark and Patricia McCloskey with a felony each with ‘unlawful use of a firearm’ as well as misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree assault after they used guns to defend their home and private property from a mob of several hundred ‘protestors.

Now, news has broken that the gun Patricia McCloskey was holding (so infamously poorly) was assembled incorrectly and was thus inoperable the night that she and her husband faced off with the protestors.

In essence, because it was assembled incorrectly, it could not possibly have shot anybody, and thus, by Missouri law, wasn’t “readily capable of lethal use.”

But that’s not what Kim Gardner’s second-in-command found.  Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Hinckley had firearms experts put the gun back together properly — and since it could shoot AFTER it was reassembled properly by a gunsmith, they’re keeping the charge.

The Background

When Patricia McCloskey’s gun arrived at the St. Louis crime lab, officials there tried to fire it but discovered that it was inoperable.

A member of Kim Gardner’s staff ordered  the experts in the crime lab to figure out why — and proceeded to state that the gun was “readily capable of lethal use,” in the official charging documents that Gardner’s office filed on Monday.

This specific wording was intentional because in the state of Missouri, police and prosecutors must prove that a weapon is “readily” capable of lethal use — especially when it used in the type of crime with which the McCloskeys have been charged.

After all, waving a lower receiver at somebody is technically waving a “gun” at them in some states, but it is not ‘readily capable of lethal use.’

Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Hinckley told the crime lab staff members to field strip the handgun and found that it had been assembled incorrectly.

Specifically, the firing pin spring was put in front of the firing pin, which was backwards.  As any reader of this page will know, there was no way in hell that gun was going to shoot anybody.

Firearms experts then put the gun back together, per Hinckley’s request, in the correct order and test-fired it, finding that it worked, according to the documents.  They took photos of this entire process to verify their findings.

Perverting Justice

Why does all of this matter?  Because Patricia McCloskey and her husband Mark McCloskey have stated that Mrs. McCloskey’s gun was inoperable — and thus she shouldn’t be facing felony charges at all.

They stated that they had made the gun inoperable intentionally, when they used it as a prop during a previous lawsuit.  In order to bring it into the courtroom, the gun had to be made inoperable, so they had intentionally put the firing pin spring in front of the firing pin.

Mrs. McCloskey was bluffing the protestors — and it worked.

So how can she be facing felony charges?  Because Kim Gardner hates gun owners and their gun rights.  Her office maintains that since the gun could shoot once it had been reassembled, it was a lethal weapon.

Gardner Is A Soros Plant

For gun owners in Missouri, it’s old news, but we’ll repeat some history.  George Soros funded Kim Gardner’s campaign to the tune of $78,000.  He ensured that a radical leftist — who passionately hates guns — would be in power in these sorts of cases.

The left works that way: work ‘within’ the political system by essentially purchasing elections.  Naive people say to the good guys, “Why do you need money to run for office?  You should be able to win by your positions!  Stop asking us for money!”

But they’re wrong.  Campaigns results are dramatically affected by tv ads, get out the vote efforts, radio spots, social media ads and more.  All of those things cost money.  These leftist billionaires like Soros and Michael Bloomberg are only to happy to pour their money into flipping seats blue and filling them with his hand-picked leftists.

For the McCloskeys, it’s going to be an uphill fight every inch of the way — even in Stand Your Ground Missouri. If they weren’t independently wealthy, this case would likely bankrupt them.  If this was you or me, we’d be looking at pleading guilty or else losing our jobs, our home, and anything else of value before we could finish paying to beat Kim Gardner.

Gun owners, these local elections MATTER and are the KEY to stopping leftists!