BREAKING: FELONY Charges For St. Louis Couple Who Defended Their Home With Guns

St. Louis, MO — Lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey of St. Louis are facing FELONY charges. News broke this afternoon that the McCloskeys were charged with one felony county each for ‘unlawful use of a weapon.’

The Saint Louis, MO couple made national headlines in June after a mob of Black Lives Matter protestors broke onto their private property and were advancing on their house down their private driveway.

Mark McCloskey has indicated in multiple interviews that he isn’t going to take this lying down.

Mark McCloskey, 61, and his wife Patricia McCloskey, 63, have said from the first interviews that they were only defending their house after the mob refused to leave when McCloskey ordered them off his private proeprty.

The mob was marching in the ritzy neighborhood to get to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house to “protest racial injustice.”

There is no question that the pair had guns and were pointing them at people — the question is whether or not they felt threatened for their life.

Check out this one video of the event:

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Is A Radical Leftist

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner filed the charges today against the McCloskey couple — charges that would make both of them felons.  But this same Kim Gardner already released all of the arrested protestors from the rioting and looting in St. Louis — and she released them all without charges.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt was appalled at Gardner’s actions:

Of course, the leftist news media are saying how kind Gardner was in that she didn’t demand that the couple surrender or be arrested.  Instead, she issued a summonses and has said that she would “consider them for a diversion program” — a program that would see the charges dismissed if the couple attended counseling or some other remedial action.

The charge against the McCloskeys carries a possible penalty of probation up to four years in prison.