Minneapolis: More People Shot In Six Months Of 2020 Than All Of 2019 — Initial Funding Cuts Taking Effect

Minneapolis, MN — Just as any sane person would expect, Minneapolis’ crime rate is skyrocketing.   In fact, according to the liberal rag The Minneapolis Star Tribune, there have been more shootings already in 2020 than in all of 2019 combined.

In the first six months of the year, 275 people have been shot in Minneapolis, as compared to 269 people shot last year.

At the current pace, Minneapolis will more than double the number of people shot by violent criminals over last years.

In fact, this total of 275 is not just higher than 2019, but higher than the annual total from seven out of the past ten years.

This latest news came the day after the Minneapolis City Council took its first bite out of the Minneapolis Police Department’s budget, announcing a cut of “$1.5 million from the MPD’s $193 million budget.”

This after the entirely Democrat City Council unanimously passed a pledge to disband the police department.

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) vowed that the council would “dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a transformative new model of public safety.”

In the same rotten vein, City Council member Jeremiah Ellison (DFL), son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (D), tweeted his agreement.

Get that?  Minnesota’s highest legal authority, the Attorney General, has a son who is a city councilman in Minneapolis.  Two radical leftists who apparently hate the rule of law — as evidenced by Jeremiah Ellison’s recent tweet:

They’ll Never Learn, They’ll Never Stop, And They’ll Never Apologize

We know the left won’t admit when they’re wrong.  But what’s worse, is that no matter how much suffering and devastation comes from their philosophy, they don’t learn from it.

No matter that tens of millions starved to death under Socialism and Communism.  They weren’t doing it right!

They’ll ignore the fact that in nearly every major city, more minorities have died since their protesting and rioting started than did last year under the terrible, oppressive system that was in place.

No, death counts don’t matter. Disarming gun owners –historically, that’s been white, taxpaying males — is the goal because in America, that demographic is what stands between them and a total political takeover.