Man Who Shot Federal Judge’s Son To Death Found Dead In Apparent Suicide — Epstein and Co Strike Again?

New Jersey — We reported earlier this morning that a man dressed as a FEDEX delivery man rang the doorbell of Federal Judge Esther Salas’ home on Sunday afternoon.  When her 20-year-old son, Daniel Anderl, answered the door, the gunman shot him in the heart, killing him instantly.  The assassin then turned his gun on the Judge’s husband, Mark Anderl, shooting him several times.  Mr. Anderl is in critical condition.

Just four days prior,  Judge Salas was assigned a case involving a class action lawsuit between Deutsche Bank and some of their investors — investors who are suing the bank for their handling of long-time client Jeffrey Epstein’s accounts.  The bank’s actions resulted in fines totaling over $150 million dollars, in addition to a reported $1 billion dollar loss during the time of the police investigation into the relationship between Epstein and the bank.

Of course, the main stream media isn’t reporting on that connection, but are reporting on gun violence statistics in New Jersey.

Police reported they were looking for the man in question — and further asserted that he had worked alone.  The ‘lone gunman’ story stops any further investigation, after all.

They’ve Got Their Man….Right?

Earlier today, the police said that they had found their man but that he committed suicide before they could locate him.

Police say they found a dead body in a car near Liberty, NY.  The 69-year-old lawyer inside, Roy Den Hollander, had a case come before Judge Esther Salas back in 2015.  Den Hollander’s body was wearing a FedEx uniform.

The authorities are still checking whether a gun found near the scene of the lawyer’s death matches the gun used to shoot Judge Salas’s son and husband.

Meanwhile, the police are presuming the death was a suicide.

Justice Is Hard To Come By

Thanks to #FakeNews and powerful people covering up crimes for their friends, it’s hard to know the truth.  Was this guy suicided like 50 other people with ties to the Clinton family?

Why would a fellow lawyer wait five years to go after the judge who wronged him in a case?  It sounds really personal — to have held so much anger for so long — and yet he didn’t seek out the judge and hurt her?  Just her family?

So many questions that won’t get answered because the REAL culprit, according the New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, is gun violence.

At least, that was his main focus at a press conference yesterday when he said, “This tragedy is our latest reminder that gun violence remains a crisis in our country and that our work to make every community safer isn’t done.”

So that’s it.  Nothing to see here, folks.  All wrapped up and done already.