Man Impersonating FedEx Driver Shoots Federal Judge’s Husband, Kills Her Son — Epstein Case Placed On Her Docket Four Days Ago

North Brunswick, NJ — The 20-year-old son of a federal judge was shot and killed after answering the front door for a man dressed like a FedEx driver on Sunday afternoon.  Federal Judge Esther Sales was not harmed, though the gunman also shot and wounded her husband — defense lawyer Mark Anderl — during the attack.

Judge Salas was in the basement when the doorbell rang.  When 20-year-old Daniel Anderl saw the FedEx uniform he opened the door.  That’s when the shooter opened fire and killed the Judge’s only child.

Police are looking for a ‘lone gunman’ but have not captured anyone or released any names of suspects as of this writing.

Coincidence?  You Decide

This is a tragic story no matter why Judge Esther Salas’ family was targeted.  But it might be more sinister than it originally appears.

Just four days ago, Judge Salas was assigned a case involving clients of the Deutsche Bank.  Angry Deutsche Bank investors have brought a suit against the bank claiming that the company made false and misleading statements about its anti-money laundering policies.  They also claim that the bank failed to monitor “high-risk” customers including convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

On July 7th, the bank was issued $150 Million dollars in fines and penalties after their corrupt relationship with Epstein became public.  Additionally, the bank has spent more than $1 billion dollars on retraining staff to better monitor accounts, funding internal investigations, and more.

This loss angered the good-faith investors in the bank.  Prosecutors maintained that executives at the bank serviced Epstein’s accounts despite numerous ‘red flags’ that are in place to alert banks to fraudulent or illegal practices.

Judge Salas was to oversee the case — and had only received it on her docket four days prior.

Officials said that Salas had received death threats in the past, but none in any recent memory.

Never Miss A Chance To Blame The Innocent

Meanwhile, New Jersey’s Democrat Governor Phil Murphy doesn’t want to address the connection between Judge Salas, Jeffrey Epstein, and sex-trafficking and pedophila among his elitist friends.

Instead, Murphy shifted the blame for this event onto…gun owners.  In an emailed statement, Murphy called the shooting “a senseless act” and said “this tragedy is our latest reminder that gun violence remains a crisis in our country and that our work to make every community safer isn’t done.”  (Emphasis added.)

This Is Why We Have To Fight NASTY

For years, pro-gun, pro-America voters have assumed that the left was just misinformed.  They had a few bad ideas but overall, still wanted good things for America and her citizens.

But the last few years have revealed that the leftist elites are not ‘just like us but with a few wrong ideas.’   Many of these elitist leftists are cruel and evil beyond imagining. They are involved in deeds of darkness that can hardly be fathomed.

The long-time friendships between influential celebrities, powerful politicians and convicted rapists like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein are likely just the tip of the iceberg.

A cursory search of their names on a search engine like Duck Duck Go will uncover enough information to make the crustiest man choke — and become enraged at what is being done to the weakest and most innocent in our society.

The radical left cannot be in power over free men.  We cannot be disarmed and left at their mercy — because they have none.