Idaho’s Constitutional Carry Law Sees Massive Expansion Effective Today — Proving That Now Is The Time To Push For Our Gun Rights

Boise, ID — While many American gun owners are watching their cities burn and their police get defunded, one state is just hammering away at improving their gun laws.

Earlier this year, we told our readers how Idaho’s legislature had passed HB 516
This law expands Idaho’s existing Constitutional Carry law, which had previously only allowed residents of Idaho to concealed carry in their state.  Out-of-state residents were legally allowed to open carry, however.

But the new expansion of their Constitutional carry law now allows non-residents to concealed carry in the state.  In fact, the law now allows any American citizen who is legally allowed to carry to concealed carry in the state of Idaho.

The new portion of the law goes into effect today, July 1st.

Make Hay While The Sun Shines
Many states would have been happy to have Constitutional Carry at all, but thanks to one gun rights organization in Idaho, gun owners kept pushing for more — and they got it. That’s because Greg Pruett is the Executive Director of Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and he isn’t like other gun rights activists. 

hen other groups would have sat back and rested on their laurels, Pruett kept the ball rolling.

During the battle to expand Constitutional Carry,  Idaho’s State Attorney General Lawrence Wasden tried to shut Pruett down with a  bogus legal charge.  After that failed, insiders in Boise tried to convince voters and gun owners not to listen to him by spreading slanderous lies and innuendo.

But Greg Pruett’s organization is built on a different model:  just keep hammering away on the bad guys, and pay no attention to the smoke screens they throw up to distract people.

Pruett’s IDSAA didn’t just refuse to buckle under the attacks, they even took a few political scalps of their own along the way!

During the state’s 2020 primaries, Pruett mobilized a veritable army of Idaho’s finest gun owners.  These mobilized gun owners successfully pounded on the anti-gun candidates, retiring several weak-kneed moderates before they could ever take a seat and sell out on gun rights.

With the world burning, it’s nice to know that there are still states where freedom is still burning bright!