WATCH: Hundreds Of Looters Raid Florida Walmart — But The Left Tells Us We Don’t Need Guns OR The Police

Nancy Pelosi released a statement on Friday to recognized the fourth anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting — and  she used that opportunity to call for more gun control.

Meanwhile, footage was released just 24 hours earlier of a May 30th ‘protest gone wrong’ in Tampa, FL.

Check out this footage:

This looting happened on Saturday, May 30, 2020, right after 9:00 p.m.   That’s when a crowd gathered in front of the Walmart on East Fletcher Avenue in Tampa.

The store was already closed due to the nearby protests over the death of George Floyd.

But the looters paid no mind to the auspicious reason for the gathering — because free electronics!  Police didn’t comment on why the lawnmowers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers were left behind.

Police estimated that the Walmart store lost more than $100,000 between the stolen merchandise and the damage done to the building.

Nattering Nancy and The Lefties

It sound like the name of the worst band in history — and really, that’s not far off.  But while Americans are watching this footage for the first time, Nancy chooses that moment to get on stage and tell Republican leaders that they ought to pass more gun control.

Now, we think that Republican leaderships are behaving like cowards while the Left shreds our country.  We think that their silence is allowing this problem to grow and fester, not to be shut down hard like it should be.

But it’s laughable that Nancy Pelosi thinks that taking away MORE gun rights from Americans is the right thing to do.  Our own eyes tell us that it’s not safe out there in lefty-ville, Nancy.