WATCH: Georgia’s Marjorie Greene On Fox & Friends Fighting Big Tech Censorship

We reported last week how Facebook had censored Georgia Congressional Candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene’s campaign ad — even though it had more than 1.2 million views.

Check out the interview she gave on Fox and Friends this morning:

Facebook told the candidate that her campaign ad was threatening violence.

The Fox anchor pointed out that he was able to go on Antifa’s Facebook page and find videos where they were openly bragging about using violence to further their cause.

Candidate Marjorie Green replied:

“I think Facebook is defending terrorists.  They are calling this group of people and saying that I am inciting violence against them.  But yet that group of people are terrorists.   They are communist basement dwellers who have come out and poured gasoline on a fire and basically hijacked protests and turned it into complete chaos and anarchy in the streets of America.  And Facebook is defending them.  They’re not allowing us everyday Americans to defend ourselves.  They’re choosing the side of anarchists and terrorists.”

Greene went on to say that both Twitter and Facebook were simply hard-core leftists who want to silence anybody who speaks out against them.

We see Facebook and Twitter, they’re both the same.  You know, they’re so leftist in their beliefs and the leftists, they’ve become the thought police.  They basically declared themselves God and judge us for our thoughts and it’s completely wrong.  And as the leading candidate in my Republican race — and my primary election is tomorrow — I’m going to work very hard on Big Tech’s censorship –and stopping it!  Because you can’t censor our speech.  We have the freedom of speech, the right to say our views.  We have the right to stand up for our president, we have the right to defend our homes.  And we can call criminals –people that hurt people and attack people — we can call them thugs and President Trump was correct to call them so!

We couldn’t agree more!

Greene mentioned that her campaign primary is tomorrow.  We hope that voters in Georgia’s 14th Congressional district realize what a badass legislator they would have in Marjorie Greene.

Now if only gun owners could find 1,000 more of her to run for office!