NYPD Admits There’s A SIX MONTH Wait On Gun License Applications

Albany, NY — The entire world has gone of it’s rocker in the last six months.  In response, record numbers of Americas have purchased a gun and are completing the paperwork to carry them where it’s required.

But in New York, citizens are running into a serious road block.  The NYPD’s gun licensing webpage gives instructions for how to apply to own a gun .  It’s a twelve step process — not exactly what George Washington had in mind, we’d imagine.

But then, at the very end of all this work and time spent, you get to the last step.  Step twelve of the instructions says, “Within approximately six months of receipt of your handgun application, and all required documents/forms, you will receive a letter informing you whether your application was approved.”

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied….Right?

Lately, every single weekend, law-abiding Americans watch criminals raising the bar of insanity. Two weeks ago it was riots, last week destroying statues all across the country…who knows what’s next?

That’s why these laws are oppressive.  Because when Americans are concerned about the Corona scare or looting rioters or a number of other legitimate threats, they have to navigate a maze of red tape before they can have a gun to protect themselves.

These Delays Cost Lives

If you live in New York City and have a stalker, an abusive former spouse, or maybe just happen to live near one of the thousands of criminals that Governor Cuomo released back onto the streets,  do you have six months to wait on your application?

Not always.  These waiting periods — usually FAR less than six months — have cost American lives.

In June of 2015, New Jersey resident Carol Brown was afraid of her ex-boyfriend and filed for her handgun license on April 21, 2015.

But before she could be approved, Carol Brown was stabbed to death on her driveway by her former boyfriend.  It was June 3rd.  Carol was still waiting for her paperwork that would allow her to carry a gun to protect herself.

And that was only about six WEEKS of waiting.

Meanwhile, law-abiding New Yorkers are waiting six months.

This is outrageous.  It’s perfect example of why the gun laws need to change for the BETTER.  2020 has shown all Americans that their government doesn’t know everything, doesn’t stop bad guys, and won’t necessarily be there when you need them.