America Has Added 2 MILLION First-Time Gun Owners In Five Months, Including 800,000 Women

When the chips are down, gun sales are up!  Americans have become acutely aware of various threats to their safety and their rights in the last six months.

We reported earlier this week how May of 2020 saw record breaking gun sales.  In fact, sales were up 80% over May of last year.

The month of May saw 3,091,455 checks run through the National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS) system.  The previous record for May was just last year, when 2,349,309 checks were run.

While not all of those are purchases –some NICS checks reflect people trying to get their CCW permits– they are still a good barometer.

But the most exciting thing about this is that 40% of these gun sales have been to first-time gun owners.  That means that more than 2 MILLION Americans have joined the gun-owning family in just five months.

Further, the NSSF reports that of those 40% first time buyers, 40% of those are women!

That’s 800,000 women who bought a gun for the first time in 2020!  Gun store owners across the country said that people were universally buying a gun for personal protection.

Just When Gun Stores Thought The Rush Was Over…Think Again

It started with Mike Bloomburg’s purchased majority in Virginia showing gun owners nationwide what the left would like to do to the rest of the country.  As Virginia’s gun owners readied for Lobby Day in January, the nation realized how fast gun laws can change.

Northam’s tyranny backfired, boosting gun sales into February.  Just as gun stores were catching their breath, the China Virus came to town in March.

The Corona Scare brought home the reality that the police can’t always be there as police stopped responding to thousands of calls.   Add in the release of tens of thousands of criminals from America’s jail system and Americans were afraid that the social fabric might unravel at the edges a bit.

Gun sales in March and April were off the charts.  March was the highest number of NICS check for ANY month of any year since the NICS system began in 1999.  March saw  more than 3 million NICS checks run in that month alone.

As the Corona shutdowns went on, fears of food shortages or social unrest grew, prompting  April to see a 71% increase over last year!

The pent up frustration of the shutdowns helped add fuel to the fire when George Floyd died at the hands of police in Minneapolis on Memorial Day.  Since that day, it’s been a non-stop rush at gun stores.

With riots and looting spreading like wildfire, the average American has finally realized that SELF-DEFENSE is the only defense they can rely on.

All of this is great news for the Second Amendment.  Nothing should shut up the gun control advocates like 2 million Americans rejecting their propaganda and thinking for themselves!

Maybe the next time the left tries to paint all gun owners as dangerous, angry people, these 2 million will join us in the fight to protect our rights!