HYPOCRITE: Nancy Pelosi Walks With Protestors–But Only With Armed Bodyguards

Well, isn’t that nice!  A month ago, millions of Americans wanted to tell their legislators to reopen our states so they could earn a living.  They held peaceful protests that the media mocked and criticized.  And when gun owners showed up to the party armed, they were called domestic terrorists.

But when Nancy Pelosi wanted a photo op, it was totally fine for her ‘security detail’ to be heavily armed.  You can see her in this video below, surrounded by large men in suits, ties, and sunglasses.

Check out the clip posted by CNN.

The Hill  reported  these men were  Pelosi’s “security detail” and noted that Pelosi was walking among “a crowd of demonstrators outside the Capitol” when the video was taken.

We could point out how how racist it was of Nancy to think that she wouldn’t be safe in the crowd of peaceful protestors without her armed bodyguards!  After all, these people love her and think of her as their surrogate Grandmother!

Gun Control Is Always The Answer

To Nancy Pelosi, every problem is solved by gun control — and the issue of police brutality is no different.

Pelosi told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that legislation is in the works for the House that focuses on “banning police from using chokeholds and ending the Defense Department program that gives surplus military-grade weapons to local police departments.”

We’ll be intense, proactive, and, again, because the American people have identified with all of these injustices, we believe, at long last, we may have some success in the United States Senate with it.

To add irony to the already hypocritical racism of Pelosi’s photo op, this event comes on the heels of the media lambasting President Trump for using his security team to walk across Lafayette Park on Monday.  They ignored that protestors in the area were actively throwing things, burning buildings, and more.

The left hates America.  It’s as simple as that.