Beto BASHES Quarantine Protestors: They’re “Assholes” Who Are “As Close To Terrorism As You Can Get Without Killing People!”

Live from his closet, it seems, Beto O’Rourke went on a tirade about how much he hates the armed protestors at quarantine protests all across the country.

Check out his whining here:

Beto began by talking about how much he liked Eric Swalwell–the failed Democrat candidate for president.  Beto praised Swalwell for wanting to ban “assault weapons” and mandatory buybacks for “military style weapons.”

Then Beto went off the cliff, saying about ‘assault weapons’:  “They were designed, engineered and sold to the militaries of the world with the express purpose of killing people.  They weren’t sold for hunting, they weren’t sold for self-defense.  They were sold to kill people.”

Um….he assumes that in the process of self-defense, nobody gets killed.  How naive.  Rich boy in a gated neighborhood must not realize that people use ‘assault weapons’ for self-defense and hunting every day.

Secondly, who are the politicians to tell us what we can and cannot own? We don’t need a battle tank and they were designed for the military, but why in heck can’t American’s buy one?

Americans Who Carry Guns To Protests Are ‘Terrorists’

But Beto went on:

And when you see these assholes on the courthouse steps–in almost every state now, right?  These AstroTurf protests that were bought and paid for by right wing extremists, toting their guns, dressed for battle, with battle armor on, with their faces obscured, that shit is as close to terrorism without killing people as you can get in the United States!  Because they’re there to terrify, to intimidate,  to try to change political results by threatening the use of violence.”

We’re offering $20 right now to ANYBODY who can prove they were paid a dime by ANYBODY–much less any real ‘right wing’ organization–to go to one of these quarantine protests!

Beto, we smell elitist bull shit and it’s coming from you.

Losers like Robert Francis O’Rourke — you can just hear the trust fund in his name, can’t you? — can’t fathom a world where REAL Americans are sitting at 50+ days without a paycheck.  These people aren’t like his friends or his Daddy’s friends — the salmon-colored sweater and dockers wearing, limp-wristed yuppies.

No, tens of millions of REAL Americans are stuck in their homes, waiting for their first unemployment checks to arrive.  Waiting to see if they’re going to default on their mortgage.  Waiting to see if they’ll have anything left in their retirement account.  Hell, they’re waiting to see if the damn food supply chain will snap and they’ll be left hungry!

Finally, the assumption that anybody carrying a gun who isn’t a cop is automatically a terrorist is intentional.  It’s somethintg the Left has tried to drive into American heads via the media, entertainment, and a million talking heads.

Beto, BEAT IT!  Nobody’s listening to you, anymore.