Albuquerque Self Defense Shooter Sees Worst Charges Dropped — And Antifa Thugs Learn A Lesson

Albuquerque, NM — We reported two days ago about a shooting in Albuquerque, NM where a Steven Baca had later been arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.   That charge has now been dropped.

Baca, a previous candidate for a seat on the city council and the son of a former county Sheriff, had been charged after shooting a protestor.  That same protestor had chased a retreating Baca away from the statue and then struck him with his skateboard.

Baca still faces charges of aggravated battery after he threw a woman to the ground who was aggressively bumping into him with her back turned to him.

Initially, the rabidly anti-gun Mayor of Albuquerque was quick to paint Baca as a dangerous man.  But as more and more video came out, it became more and more obvious that Baca had acted in self defense.

Even the complaint filed by police said:

Steven continued to retreat away from the crowd while walking quickly backward and holding up his hand with his palm toward the crowd as if to separate himself from it. The group appeared to maliciously pursue Steven, with several of the crowd’s individuals physically striking Steven’s body with their hands and legs. Steven was struck by a male individual with what appears to be a green in color longboard.

But the crowd of angry antifa thugs and leftists were intent on setting Baca up for a crime he didn’t commit.

Check out the crowd as Baca sits on the ground and waits for police after the shooting:

They’re a friendly, peaceful bunch, don’t you think?

Reporters initially said that Steven Baca was a member of the New Mexico Civil Guard — a local militia group that isn’t impressed with the rioting children intent on destroying public property.

After the shooting, several members of the Civil Guard surrounded Baca and kept him safe from the angry mob until the police arrived.  But unfortunately for the reaching leftists, Baca wasn’t a member o the militia group, so they couldn’t paint him as a gun-toting radical.

The Media and The Leftist Political Class Don’t Care About The Truth

They were happy to castigate Baca.  Happy to sentence and condemn a man as a murderer who hadn’t committed the crime — and they knew it!   They vilified him on the Mayor’s Facebook page and other media outlets.  They didn’t care at all that they were lying through their teeth.

That’s who we’re up against.

The political system EATS friendly pro-gun Republicans for lunch. The time for friendly is OVER.  The time for a street brawl of a political fight is right now.

For gun owners across the country, there’s a foreboding sense that these next few elections are our last chance at using the political system our ancestors left to us before the left sweeps in and dismantles everything that made America great — and that gave us a method of redress.