WATCH: Man Standing Guard Over Statue Attacked By Violent Protestors, Shoots Antifa Thug In Self Defense

Albuquerque, MN — The ‘cold war’ between the radical left who openly despise America and the conservative, pro-gun right is heating up.  Months of pent of frustration have led the radical left to seize the opportunity provided by George Floyd’s death to unleash a campaign of violence and destruction across the country.

And the media. There’s a special corner in hell that’s hotter than the rest of it and that place is reserved for the media.

First, some facts about the shooting in New Mexico:

  • Protestors — you know, the hooded, masked thugs who have been ‘peacefully’ destroying public property all over the country in the last three weeks — decided to tear down the statue of Spanish Conquistador Juan de Oñate.
  • The conquistador lived in the 1500s, and was one of the first governor of New Mexico under Spain.
    Yes, these Antifa and BLM thugs are upset about a statue commemorating something that happened under the Spanish government’s authority over 400 years ago.  Because racism and all cops are bad or whatever.
  • When news reached the citizens that ‘protestors’ were going to try to topple the statue, a group of citizens who call themselves the New Mexico Civil Guard showed up to defend the statue and any other homes and businesses nearby.
  • As usual, the violent ‘peaceful’ protestors clashed with the law-abiding citizens who didn’t want the statute toppled.
  • One man, in the bottom left foreground of this video (blue shirt and long brown scarf) seems to be the man who shot the antifa thug.  You can see the violent mob he was facing, as well as how he’s moving his hands in an effort to calm people down.
    As the video progresses, you can see him get hit by a man with a skateboard and attempt to retreat.   MSNBC conveniently fades out the video right as the shooting occurs:

Remember what we said about hell?  We meant it.

But check out THIS video, captured from another angle and NOT conveniently edited by MSNBC to end ambiguously:

In another cell phone video, you can see the shooter use his mace at the ten or eleven second mark before being chased down the street:

He had already exhausted all of this non-lethal options but was still being chased by ‘peaceful’ protestors screaming “I’m going to fucking kill you!”

Check out these still image, as well:

Meanwhile, the victim (that is, the man who was attacked and had to defend his life with lethal force) has been named as Steven Baca — a former City Council candidate.  His father was a former sheriff of Bernalillo County.

Still, Baca was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

Why is he being charged at all?

Because Albuquerque’s radical mayor has painted the aggressor as the victim.

Why would he do that?

Because he’s in bed with the Mad Commie Mommies!

The Left HATES You and Your Family

The left is painting these radical, violent, hateful people as ‘peaceful protestors.’  They’re justifying the destruction of our cultural icons and public property as necessary because it fits their leftist, Marxist narrative.  After all, as Lenin liked to remind folks, “You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette!”

Fight this leftism everywhere you see it, be it online, in your churches and schools or in your town.  Silencing and vilifying the people who built this country will only end in bloodshed unless our side stands up and puts an end to this madness.