Some Canadian Police Aren’t Happy With Trudeau’s Gun Ban–But Is It Too Little Too Late?

Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a gun ban on over 1,500 types of guns, including AR-15s.  Trudeau and the rest of the liberal party have long wanted to pass draconian gun control.  They simply used a single madman in Nova Scotia to pretend they were doing it to keep people safe.

But since Trudeau’s announcement a week ago today, a few police officers took to Twitter to say that disarming the people was a violation of the citizens’ rights.

Check out the tweet here:

And they started to reply….

This represents a tiny percentage of police officers in Canada.  But as their twitter took off, more Canadians were sharing it.  The original tweet got 1,400 retweets and more than 2,000 likes as of last night.

Additionally, there was a petition to stop the gun ban that has gathered more than 40,000 signatures.  This petition has already become the largest e-petition in history for the House of Commons.

But again, in a country of 2.2 million gun owners, these police officers are hardly a drop in a bucket.  These police officers can’t even post their names with their badges for fear of retribution.

In fact, the organizer of the silent protest said as much:  “Police officers are not allowed to have a personal opinion. If I were to make my name known, I would be severely reprimanded, if not fired immediately.”

A View From Inside

The anonymous author went on to say in confidence:

Most police who served in the military, completely disagree with the ban. There are many officers who have not served in the military, but are familiar with the shooting community (have attended civilian ranges with their issued pistol, or own firearms apart from service issued equipment), they also completely disagree with the ban.

There are officers who agree with the ban, or do not care either way. When I have spoken to them, I quickly realized, they don’t know anything about firearms and even parrot some of the commonly spoken misinformation.

I will say, for the groups of police that I mentioned above … who are ex-military, or own their own firearms (many of us own AR-15 pattern rifles), they have no plans to comply with the ban.

In fact, many of us rely on civilian ranges to maintain our skills. The service has continually reduced the amount of training we receive with firearms, citing the budget.

If we didn’t use civilian shooting ranges, with our personal AR-15s and personally bought ammo for our pistols, we would be unprepared for the dangers we face.

Very often my colleagues and I watch our chief, or other top-ranking members of the service, discuss the state of crime in Toronto and their plans to combat violence. They almost never discuss the realities of policing and how thinly stretched our ability to respond to radio calls, actually is.

Americans, this happens when the ‘good guys’ get out because the laws they’re being made to enforce are not Constitutional.  The officers who leave out of principle are heroes, but it leaves an even higher percentage of officers willing to do whatever a superior officer tells them to do.

It’s Coming Here

What to do?  Fight for change.  We have to stem this tide of leftism that’s already sweeping over our country or we’ll wake up one day and be in Canada’s shoes: disarmed, socialist, and asleep.

To these brave officers, we salute you!   If you get fired, come on down to Texas…we’ll take you!