New Mexico’s Wanna-Be Tyrant Governor Relents, Allows Gun Stores and Ranges to Open

Last Thursday, New Mexico’s dictatorial Democrat governor extended the shutdown for her state two more weeks.  But at the same press conference, Governor Michelle Grisham made a point to say that gun stores could reopen.  She did stipulate that gun stores could only take customers by appointment.

She also included pet stores and services and golf courses to operate on the same terms.

A press release put out later in the day on Thursday from Gov. Grisham’s office confirmed it she was reversing her position on gun stores.  “Federally licensed firearm retailers may open by appointment only as needed to conduct background checks and to allow individuals to take possession of firearms ordered online.”

We told you last week how Gresham had ignored the Trump administration’s guidelines that stated that gun stores and gun ranges should be considered essential.  When one gun store owner in Albuquerque defied the order and opened anyway, State Police were there to force him to close his business in less than half an hour.

Governor Gresham Hates Gun Owners

Gresham has a long history of stomping on gun owners, and giving in to the anti-gun crowd.  Back in early 2019, local sheriffs took a stand against her efforts to pass red flag laws.  And not just one or two, but 29 out of 33 sheriffs thought the governor’s gun control was out of line.

Instead of listening to these courageous men, the Governor said they were “a few members of law enforcement “making noise.”

Tyrant Has Closed All Roads Into Gallup, NM

Just one day after “allowing” gun stores to reopen, Grisham smacked down on the town of Gallup, New Mexico.   After a rise in Covid cases, Governor Grisham has locked down all roads into the town of nearly 23,000 people.

As of Friday at noon, residents of the city aren’t allowed to leave between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00pm.    If they do leave their houses, there is a maximum of 2 people per vehicle.  City residents are “encouraged” to stay in the city limits “except for emergency outings and trips essential for health, safety and welfare.”

So no roads in, and strict rules about people leaving the city.  Sounds like America, right?

Gallup is located in McKinley county, where nearly 30% of the state’s cases of Covid are found.  Governor Grisham scolded the residents for ‘not social distancing’ properly during her announcement on Friday. She said,  “The spread of this virus in McKinley County is frightful and it shows that physical distancing has not occurred and is not occurring. The virus is running amok there. It must be stopped, and stricter measures are necessary.”

This lady wouldn’t know what freedom was it if it bit her in the rear end.  In the entire state of New Mexico, there have been only 151 deaths and only 3, 850 cases.  But this warrants her putting an entire city of 20,000 people effectively under house arrest?

We think this woman is just like Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan–a tyrant to the bone.

So Many Tyrants Have Showed Their True Colors

These sorts of Governors have made themselves clear.  They hate our gun rights and don’t want us to have the right to defend ourselves–even during potentially dangerous social unrest during a pandemic.  These people aren’t leaders, they’re tyrants.

Hopefully, New Mexico’s gun owners show Governor Grisham the door at her next reelection day.