New Mexico’s “Pro-Gun” Governor Closes Gun Store That Would Not Comply With Shutdown Order

Albuquerque, NM — New Mexican governor Michelle Grisham claims to be pro-gun.  But the last few weeks have shown gun owners that she’s ‘pro-gun in name only’ as her quarantine orders violate the Second Amendment at every turn.  Her sellout was complete when she sent out the State Police to shut down a gun store this week after the owner refused to bow to her draconian decrees.

How Did We Get Here?

Grisham’s initial Chinese Virus emergency orders deemed gun stores to be ‘nonessential.’  And even when Trump’s Department of Homeland Security released guidelines saying that gun stores should be considered essential, this “pro-gun” governor ignored them.

The prompted Louie Sanchez, the owner of Caliber’s Gun Shop in Albuquerque, to take a public stand against the governor’s shutdown of his business.

After all, even her own regulations said that businesses that served police or law enforcement were considered essential!  Other than a donut store, what other businesses could be considered more essential to police than stores that sell guns and ammunition?

Unfortunately for Sanchez, he didn’t just grovelling and quietly open his business.  No, he made it loud and clear that he disagree with the governor’s edict and was going to defy her unconstitutional orders.

In fact, he stood up at a state Republican Party press conference and announced that he would reopen his business regardless of the Governor’s bogus decree.  In fact, Caliber’s had never stopped selling guns via curbside service at all.

Is This What “Pro-Gun” Looks Like?

Sanchez’s courage was not rewarded by his supposedly ‘pro gun’ governor.  The New Mexico State Police spokesperson, ironically of the last name Sackett, said the department received a complaint just after 4:30 p.m. on April 16.  The complainant said that Calibers was not complying with the governor’s public health order.

And by 5:05 that night, Sanchez had posted online that the police had come and shut his business down.

In a Facebook post, Sanchez said, “It’s amazing how the Governor is picking ‘winners and losers’ as small businesses are closed all over the state and thousands of people are now unemployed. Small businesses new and old which will never recover or reopen they’re (sic) doors again.”

He made the point that big box stores that sold ammo and other supplies that he carries were allowed to stay open, but he was not.  In essence, the governor is arbitrarily choosing what businesses deserve to make it and which ones don’t.  And not surprisingly, multinational corporations are making the cut, while mom-and-pop stores are not.

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Gun Owners: Vote That Traitor OUT!

This goes without saying, but hopefully every single freedom-loving gun owner in the state of New Mexico has gotten the message loud and clear.  Governor Michelle Grisham hates you.  She hates your gun rights.  She hates that you want to have the freedom to exercise your rights.  And she thinks she can fool you by calling herself ‘pro-gun’ at election time.