Michigan Governor Whitmer is “Very Disappointed” That She Can’t Disarm Protestors Entering Capital Building….Yet

Lansing, MI — Governor Grechen Whitmer isn’t a very happy lady.  A simple google image search will tell you as much.  But she’s really unhappy today after she learned yesterday that she’s not able to smack down on gun owners in her state — at least not yet.

On Monday, the Michigan Capital Commission met to discuss whether they should ban the carrying of firearms in the Michigan Capital Building.   This stems from a protest on April 30th when thousands of Michiganders marched around the capital building before making their way inside and even trying to reach the House floor.

Legislators were meeting that day to vote on whether or not to extend Whitmer’s stay at home order.  Democrat legislators made a big deal about how terrified they were of the citizens walking the halls of the Capital building with guns.  They didn’t seem to mind the hired security guards having guns, so we’re pretty sure it wasn’t the weapons but rather the fact that the common peasants dared to approach their rulers face to face.

In the days leading up to yesterday’s commission meeting, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said that it was her legal opinion that the committee did have the authority to ban guns.

But, unfortunately for “Wretched Gretchen” Whitmer, the Capital Commission did what bureaucrats do best: formed another committee.

That’s right!  The group created a special panel to study if they have the power to ban guns in the capital building or not.  This delays things, of course, and no doubt Whitmer wishes that the guns were banned before the next protest at the capital takes place.

It likely hasn’t occurred to her that she could reopen her state and likely never face another armed protestor again for the rest of her political career.  No, that’s too easy.

When asked what she thought of the committee’s decision to make a panel rather than make a decision, Governor Whitmer said she was, “very disappointed.”  Meanwhile, the chairman of the commission, Michigan House Clerk Gary Randall said that they would hurry things along if possible.

Missing The Forest For The Breeze

During a press conference Monday afternoon, Governor Whitmer said she was “very disappointed that the Capitol commission did not take action today to keep legislators safe.”

Notice the assumption there?  That people with guns were inherently dangerous.  She also assumed that it’s the right of the commission to ban firearms in the People’s House. The assumption that Michigan’s taxpayers were just useful idiots — taxpaying mouth-breathers who could not express their displeasure with their elected employees.

This crap is getting old, Whitmer.  Your chances of reelection are already gone.  Are you trying to get a chair on some pharma board when you’re out of office?  Some well-paying ‘health care’ advisory committee somewhere?

She’s obsessing over garden seeds and boats with motors — obviously far more dangerous than canoes, which are allowed –during this pandemic!  Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of her citizens are taking unemployment dollars while their retirements are washing down the drain and their job may not exist when they return.

But she’s very upset that peaceful citizens gather to protest her actions?  And yes, they are peaceful, as evidenced by the fact that thousands of people have protested with gun in dozens of states and not one person has been harmed.

Talk about straining gnats and swallowing camels.  This lady is off her rocker.