Michigan Cancels Legislative Session To “Avoid Armed Protestors”– Locks Down Capital

Well, ain’t that nice!  Michigan officials have locked down the Capital building in Lansing and cancelled the legislative session in the face of “armed protestors.”

This announcement comes after a protest yesterday saw thousands of people gathered to protest Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s overbearing and excessive lockdown requirements.

According to mainstream media, at earlier protests in late April, there were “protesters clad in military-style gear and carrying long guns crowding the statehouse. They confronted police and taunted lawmakers.”

The shutdown was done quietly at the end of the day on Wednesday.  Around 4:30 pm, the Republican held Senate adjourned for the day but didn’t call to reconvene the Thursday morning session at 10:00, as normal.

Additionally, the State police have closed the Capital Building itself, ostensibly because of the Corona Virus.  according to Capital police spokesman Lieutenant Brian Oleksyk.

Won’t Play If It’s Not Her Rules

On Monday, Governor Whitmer made it clear that she wanted guns banned in the capital building.  She was reportedly “very disappointed” that the state commission couldn’t ban them in time for yesterday’s rally.

She mentioned that some of the open protestors were making threats against her life on the internet.  Facebook responded by removing the private group where more than 385,000 people were discussing how Michigan’s leaders had handled the Covid-19 response.

Then came what organizers called “Judgement Day.”  The protest on Thursday was organized by Michigan United For Liberty — the same group behind several other large protests since the state lockdown began.  The organization speaks for tens of thousands of followers who were upset when Governor Whitmer extended the lockdown to the end of May when it was supposed to end on April 30th.

Notice how that worked out?  She had the Attorney General say that guns can be banned at the Capital, but when the bureaucrats on the committee only made a panel to discuss banning guns, she decided to pull the plug on the entire legislative session.

Did she flounce her hair when she stomped out or just demand to speak to the manager?  Whitmer is the ultimate Corona Karen and gun owners and Michiganders are getting tired of listening to her.

A Peaceful Protest

If the protestors –remember, thousands of them have gathered multiple times — didn’t break any laws or hurt anybody, it was by definition, a peaceful protest.

When we pay police to carry guns, we don’t assume by their very presence, that we’re being threatened.  So too, when gun owners gather with their legally owned and carried guns in front of our ‘public servants’ who also exist thanks to our tax dollars, why the assumption that we’re threatening them?

Because radical leftists hate free men who aren’t afraid to defy them.  They hate free men and women who would challenge their tyrannical decrees.

You won this hand, Whitmer, but just wait until election day.  THAT is going to be the real “judgement day” for your party and your policies.