Bloomberg Is Recruiting Pastors And Religious Leaders To Push For Gun Control; Blind Sheep Following A Rotten Shepherd

The left fights with their gloves off.  They go for blood.  They’re not above gouging eyes, biting and low blows. But our side dances around and wants to always be seen as the nice guy, the good guy.

And because of that, we take blow after blow right on the chin. What’s worse?  The left knows we won’t fight dirty and they use that knowledge to get the knockout.

Case in point:   Everytown for Gun Safety issued a press release saying that they’re recruiting major Christian pastors and leaders to help them get their gun control candidates elected.  In fact, they’ve got over a dozen ‘religious leaders’ recruited already.

Getting Jesus In On Their Gamble

This is all part of their big push for the 2020 election — a push that includes spending more than $60 million dollars to get key legislators elected in key seats.  Keep in mind that they’re not trying to upset the strong titans of the pro-gun crowd.  No, they’re going after the weakest links.  Who can they quickly unseat and replace with an anti-gunner and change the majority to anti-gun?

That’s what they did in Virginia, that’s what they’re trying in Texas and other places.  And now they are using religious leaders to spread their message. So far they have recruited leaders from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh backgrounds.  Many of these are already progressive activists and proud of it.

A partial list of those leaders Bloomberg has recruited includes:

  • Evangelical Shane Claiborne, president of the group Red Letter Christians
  • Rev. Traci Blackmon, a United Church of Christ executive minister and a central member of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Rev. Rob Schenck — previously an anti-abortion evangelical, now a pro-abortion radical progressive who thinks that being pro-life is synonymous with being anti-gun.

Lots of Emotion, Not A Lot of Logic

Schenck made this moronic statement:  “You never want to pray for something you’re unwilling to be the answer to,” he added. “So if we pray for a reduction in gun violence, we have to be ready to act on that prayer.”

The assumption is that all gun use is immoral, so if we want to end gun violence we have to give our guns up.  But that assumption is flawed.  Let’s show the poor logic by substituting another crime in there and seeing if his analogy holds.
“You never want to pray for something you’re unwilling to be the answer to,” he added. “So if we pray for a reduction in rape, we have to be ready to act on that prayer and stop sleeping with our wife.”

Because there is a legitimate moral use of a gun, just as there is legitimate relationships between spouses, we don’t’ have to choose to do away with all gun ownership to stop gun violence any more than we have to do away with all sex to do away with rape.

We can be as much against gun violence as they are, without passing a single gun control law.  We are against the immoral use of guns –murder, armed robbery, attempted murder, etc.  Being against the immoral crimes involving guns doesn’t mean we have to be anti-gun.

Sorry, Schenk.  Save the third-grade attempt at logic for more easily-fooled sheep.

Bloomberg’s Plan Is Transparent

Bloomberg is going to focus on the statistically obscure church shootings, such as in Charleston, SC where nine African Americans were killed.  He’ll also focus on shooting in synagogues or mosques so they can stir up racial anger while they’re at it.  This is an age old tactic by the left: create division!  Class strife, racial strife, economic strife…all serve a purpose to the radical left.

But there’s one church shooting that won’t get mentioned.  That’s the shooting that was ended by Jack Wilson of the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, TX.  See, the left isn’t interested in saving lives.  They’re interested in twisting the narrative against gun owners.

These religious leaders haven’t been retained because they’re experts on what is moral or ethical.  They’ve been retained because they’re radical progressives — like Everytown and their elitist ‘master behind the curtain’, Mike Bloomberg.