VIDEO: Cops Show Up At Woman’s House After She Let Her Child Play With Neighbor Kids During Corona Scare

We’re big fans of good cops.  We have nothing against the rule of law or the fact that some bad guys will always need the threat of consequences to make them follow the laws that make our society tick.

But we’d be lying if we said that we’re not getting upset about what’s happening to our American liberties and rights. As this Corona Virus scare unfolds, some governors, mayors and sheriffs seem to think that this country should be a dictatorship with them in charge.

The Data Hardly Supports The Fear

As more and more data comes in, the reality that Covid-19 isn’t as serious a threat we all were told becomes clearer.

The odds of surviving this virus in America currently stand at 99.98%.  If you’re over the age of 75, the numbers are still over 99% chance that you’ll still be kicking come Christmas time.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t blame that moron Andrew Cuomo for the high death counts in nursing homes in New York that have skewed the national average.  After all, that genius is the one who forced hospitals to transfer sick Covid-19 patients from the hospitals to nursing homes.

Meanwhile, states like Texas and Georgia are opening up restaurants, theaters, museums, libraries and more.  There’s light at the end of this crazy tunnel.  Of course, if you’ve got a health condition or often come in contact with your elderly relatives, feel free to be as cautious as you like.

But as the world is trying to right itself, some governors are just doubling down on their citizens.  That’s why videos like this one just enrage us.  This was posted yesterday from Wisconsin.

Check out the video:

We don’t have any details about this lady’s name or town, but we’ll update this story if that information becomes available.

America Needs To Clean House

We are gun guys.  We’re American gun guys and we’re damn proud of it.  But we’re sure as hell not proud of the cops in that video for enforcing the insane emergency declarations –not laws!– that their moron Governor Evers has decreed from on high.

The sooner this Corona Crap is behind us, the better.  It’s bringing out the worst in some people.  But it’s also helping us see others clearly as they show their true colors.

America needs some housekeeping, and badly.  This next election cycle should be a political bloodbath for the tyrants –big and small — who’ve overplayed their hands in the last two months.

And those two deputies?  They should be transferred to a desk.