President Trump Weighs On “Unreasonable” Quarantines, Says Protesters Are Being “Responsible.”

At a press briefing on Saturday afternoon, President Trump voiced his agreement with many protestors across the country who have grown tired of the excessive quarantines across the country.  He mentioned some states specifically, saying their governors were being “unreasonable.”

“I really believe that they’re being unreasonable.  There are lots of protests out there.  And I just think that some of the governors have gotten carried away.”

Check out the video here:

Trump specifically mentioned Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.  Tens of thousands of Michigan citizens staged a drive-by protest earlier this week.  Her insane quarantine requirements are prohibiting Michigan residents from traveling between residences, even if they own both of them.  Just moments after Fox finished a story covering the protests in Michigan, trump tweeted the following:

Moments later, he tweeted:

Trump also mentioned Ralph Northam of Virginia in scathing terms:

This is welcome news to gun owners.  Many remember that in January, when the battle over the Second Amendment in Virginia was at a fever pitch, Trump was noticeably absent from the conversation.

But as mini-tyrants all across the country have enraged gun owners by threatening to shutter gun stores and cutting the NICS office staff such that the system nearly shut down entirely,  people have had enough.  Americans refuse to just cower in their houses while they lose their jobs, businesses, retirements and maybe homes.

Trump is recognizing that Americans are more fed up with government over-reach than they have been in decades.

We love rallies, but we love targeted political pressure even more.  These movements to contact legislators are being heard loud and clear.  Even the most staunch leftist can’t stand up to thousands of angry calls or emails from citizens who are tired of being trampled on.  Keep it up, Americans!