Donald Trump: Gov. Ralph Northam “Did Horrible Thing” With Anti-Gun Efforts

Donald Trump didn’t get very involved or make many comments in December and January as things heated up in Virginia.  But he’s weighed in now!

This speech comes after Governor Ralph Northam signed a slate of new gun control bills.  Northam didn’t just sign into law bills that limited the number of handgun purchases, pass Red Flag gun confiscation, and more.  He did it while he had forced Virginia residents to stay in their homes, close their businesses, cancel church services over Easter and more.

Northam Retorts

Governor Ralph Northam shot back.  He claimed that his seven gun control bills were the will of the people.   He said, “Virginians stood up. They spoke. They said, ‘Enough is enough.’ They said that thoughts and prayers, we appreciate those, but we want legislators that will come to Richmond and take votes and pass laws.”

Sure, pal.  What Northam forgets to mention is that radical leftists and anti-gun kingpin Mike Bloomberg spent over $2.5 million dollars on the election.  He funded all these campaigns and then claims that this was the “will of the people.”  No, it was the will of a rich, elitist leftist.