Dick’s Sporting Goods Furloughs 40,000 Employees–They’re Not “Essential” Because They Don’t Sell Guns!

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced yesterday that effective Easter Sunday, they’re going to place more than 40,000 employees on furlough because of the Chinese Virus.
Their statement said that it was “increasingly evident” that its more than 800 stores aren’t going to reopen anytime soon.  They are only retaining a small percentage of employees to fill online orders to do curbside pickup where that service is legally allowed.
“It is our goal that when this crisis subsides, we will welcome back our teammates, open our doors and get back to the business we love of serving athletes and our communities,” the company said.
Most states have closed gyms and athletic centers, as well as cancelled thousands of sporting events at every level. This hits Dick’s Sporting Goods hard, especially as spring weather typically signals more people to get outdoors.

If Only They Hadn’t Given Gun Owners The Bird!

Thanks to the Corona Virus, forty-two states are currently under ‘stay-at-home’ orders.  These orders usually include provisions ordering all non-essential businesses to close.

Still, in nearly every one of those states, gun store are considered an essential business and are allowed to stay open.  Thanks in part to the Trump administration’s Department of Homeland Security guidelines, even most states that wanted to close gun stores have let them stay open for business.  And from all accounts, business at gun stores is booming!

But because of CEO Ed Stack’s decision earlier this year to stop selling guns in 565 stores, Dick’s Sporting Goods was forced to close their doors in dozens of states.   After all, they don’t sell guns anymore and shockingly, yoga mats and soccer balls aren’t essential.

What’s worse, not only could they have kept their doors open, but they might have even experienced a bit of a rush of first-time gun buyers trying to purchase a gun.  Veteran gun owners left Dick’s stores long ago, but first time buyers likely would have given them a fair boost of sales.

We’re sorry for Ed Stack’s 40,000 employees right now, many of whom might not be unemployed if not for his anti-gun stance in the past.

Still Rough Times Ahead For Everybody

Meanwhile, at Bass Pro Shops/Cabelas, they report that while their numbers are down, 75% of their stores are still open.  Accommodating ‘social distancing’ rules means that the stores aren’t able to come close to their normal foot traffic, which is hurting their sales.  They did say that their online store is processing nearly four times their normal volume of orders.

While Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s does anticipate furloughing some employees in the future, for now, Dick’s Sporting Goods employees are the only ones out of a job.  And at this point, every day and week of pay matters.

We’ve said it before, “Get woke, go broke!”  Unfortunately, in this case, it looks like Dick’s Sporting Goods’ employees will ‘go broke’ before CEO Ed Stack.