California’s Ninth Circuit Court Issues Emergency Stay, Background Checks on Ammo Are Back In Place

Well, that didn’t take long.  Just yesterday morning we reported that California Judge Benitez had passed an injunction against a 2016 law that requires a background check before buying ammo.

Gun owners in California knew they had to act fast.  The last time Judge Benitez had overturned unconstitutional gun control laws –those pertaining to high capacity magazines –his ruling was overturned in a single week.

This might be a new record.  Late last night, less than two days after Benitez’s injunction, the state filed an emergency stay, shutting the door on ammo purchases without a background check.

Legislating From The Bench

Here’s the back story. Benitez issued the injunction against the law requiring background checks for ammo purchases while hearing a case called Rhode v. Becerra.  Benitez ruled that California’s 2016 law requiring a background check to purchase ammo was unconstitutional.

This opened the floodgates for online ammo purchases for Californians who are all but locked in their home.  Imagine being a gun owner in California in the days leading up to tyrannical Governor Gavin Newsom’s lockdown.  Those gun owners were limited to only the ammo available in stores and had to fight massive lines to try to buy what they needed.

But for two brief days, sanity shown down like sunshine and gun owners could purchase ammo like the rest of free America.   And more importantly, out-of-state retailers could ship directly to California buyers, without having to send it to a licensed dealer to run a background check.

But late last night, that window closed and Californians are back to being forced to jump through hoops to exercise their right to defend themselves.

You Get What You Asked For

We’ll see how this all pans out as the court case continues.  On the one hand, since this onerous law requiring background checks for ammo purchases was passed by vote of the citizens, we have a hard time feeling sorry for California.

On the other hand, we know what it’s like to have your state taken over by leftists and flipped, until you feel like a stranger in your own land.

For now, we hope two days was long enough to get millions of rounds ordered into the state!  We’ll keep you updated on that.  We’re going to love how the left will freak out once the numbers are released.