BREAKING: CA Judge Issues Injunction on Law Requiring Background Checks For Ammo Purchases, Online Sales Likely to Skyrocket

The same federal judge in California who put a temporary injunction on high capacity magazines last year–allowing tens of thousands to be legally sold online into the state in only a week–has given gun owners in the state another breath of freedom.

Back in 2016, the voters in California passed a law that requires background checks on ammunition purchases.  This effectively ended any online ammunition purchases after the law went into effect in July of 2019.

But now U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez has ruled that this law violates the Second Amendment.  In fact, Benitez said that the law was ” “onerous and convoluted” and “constitutionally defective.”

Benitez Is A Judge Who Takes The Constitution Seriously

Gun Owners Are Rejoicing

While gun owners had a chance to ‘stockpile’ ammo before the law went into effect last year, nobody had even heard the word ‘Corona Virus’ at that time.

While gun owners across the country have been buying ammo online in record numbers, Californians were stuck with whatever stock was in their local gun stores.  Of course, those couldn’t begin to keep up with demand.

Additionally, the NICS system is notoriously bad about putting out false positives that wrongly keep gun owners from passing their –already unconstitutional–background checks.

This injunction gives gun owners in California the chance to finally order the things they need to defend themselves in the event this Corona mess goes sideways.

Better Get It Fast

When Judge Benitez struck down California’s ban on high-capacity magazines last year, his injunction only stood for a week before the law was reinstated.

In that time, online gun dealers estimated that more than a million high capacity magazines were sold into the state of California.

But if we learned anything, it’s this: Californians had better act fast before their tyrannical state and anti-gun judiciary find a way to shut ammo purchases down again!

Meanwhile, Benitez is welcome at our range anytime.

An Image Sent By A Grateful Californian