BREAKING: Ralph Northam Signs Red Flag Bill Into Law In Virginia

Richmond, VA — Never let a crisis go to waste, right?  The members of the hard left will engrave that on their tombstones, no doubt.

An example on the minds of gun owners across the country today is the gun control catastrophe unfolding in Virginia thanks to their nutcase Governor, Ralph Northam. Northam announced on a press call yesterday afternoon that he had signed five different gun control bills into law earlier in the day.

While the nation is trying to sort through all the information on Covid-19 and figure out how they’re going to pay all their bills this month, Northam was still focused on passing his gun control bills.   He signed off on Universal Background Checks, one handgun a month, and, worst of all in the minds of many gun owners, Red Flag laws.

These Red Flag gun confiscation laws are universally hated by gun owners and for good reason: they punish law-abiding citizens when no crime has even be committed.

Virginia’s Red Flag Law

There is some variety in Red Flag laws across the country, so we broke down Virginia’s new version:

A judge or magistrate can order a citizens guns be taken from somebody if they are ”deemed to be a risk to themselves or others.’ The citizen is able to have a hearing with the judge within two weeks, but his guns will be taken before that hearing date as a precaution.

Further, the accused citizen is required to give up their guns without the police even having to get a warrant to search his house.

At the hearing, the judge will determine if the order will expire automatically after 14 days or be extended for up to 180 days.   All of this happens even while no crime has happened, no charges have been filed, and without a conviction.

Additionally, Virginia is going to keep an electronic database of anybody who has ever had a ‘red flag’ filed against them.  So if you happen to tick off your liberal aunt at Thanksgiving and she decides to red flag you, you’ll still be in the database even if the judge decides to let the order expire after 14 days.

That can’t possibly end badly, can it?

Punishment For Insubordination

It’s not lost on gun owners that Northam isn’t too happy with them.  After all, they didn’t lay down to get kicked and thank him for the privilege.  Maybe that’s why he announced last week already that he’s ordering the citizens of Virginia to keep their shelter in place order until June 10th.

This while governors of other, larger states like Texas are announcing they’ll be trying to open their states businesses up by May 1st.  Heck, Dallas-Fort Worth has almost 7 million people living there, while the entire state of Virginia has just over 8 million people!

Ralph Northam is drunk on the power he has over the lives of the citizens in Virginia.  And now, anybody who says anything inflammatory –even online — about the tyranny they’re living under can look to have a Red Flag filed on them.