BREAKING: Ralph Northam Passes Bill Limiting Handgun Purchases to One Per Month

Richmond, VA — Breaking news out of Virginia early this afternoon as Ralph Northam held a press phone call announcing that he’d signed a whole slew of gun bills into law.   Northam was crowing, saying to reporters and gun control advocates on a press phone call that, “I am excited!”

One of the bills that Northam signed into law stipulates that Virginia’s gun owners may only purchase one handgun a month.  And, to be clear, they can’t buy one on March 31s and another one on April 1st.  No, there’s a mandatory 30 day waiting period between purchasing handguns.

Deja Vu: Gun Control Failure Round Two

Senate Bill 69 and House Bill 812 are a step back for the state, which had previously had a ‘one gun a month’ rule.  Just in 2012, they repealed the law, which falsely blamed citizens in Virginia for the crime in Washington D.C.  They assumed that by limiting gun sales in Virginia to one a month, they could control how many guns were being brought into Washington, D.C..

Ironic, isn’t it?  When gun control isn’t working — as was the case in 1993 in heavily gun-controlled Washington, D.C. — then MORE gun control somewhere else will help!  Let’s take away the rights of Virginians because of the criminals in D.C.!

In 2012, Gov. Bob McDonnell repealed the law –even though he’d signed off on it back in 1993 when he was just a lowly delegate in the House of Delegates.   See how pressure from gun owners can force a politician to do something they don’t necessarily want to do?

A Wake Up Call to Gun Owners

Fast forward to today.  Ralph Northam has decided that he’d rather take away more rights from Virginians than look at the evidence from 2012: the limit on the number of guns a Virginian could buy didn’t solve the D.C. crime problem.

Still, this bill — of all the bills he signed today — might seem ‘reasonable’ to anti-gun folks who have their heads buried in….the sand.  After all, who needs to buy more than 12 guns in a year?

First of all, anybody who darn well wants to buy more than 12 guns a year.  None of their business!

Secondly, can you imagine rationing any other Constitutional right?  ‘You only get to say 1000 words to your representative this month, and if you want to say any more, you’ll have to wait for next month.’  How about “You can travel freely, but only to XYZ state but not to ABC state.”  Or “You can only travel 12,000 miles a year, no more!”    Constitutional rights aren’t to be rationed!

Gun owners, these radicals have admitted that they want to follow this model all over the country.  The time to stand up and push back is right now.