Brady Campaign: Gun Store Inspections Should Be “Essential” During Covid-19 Crisis

Some folks are so out of touch that you almost feel sorry for them.  Almost.

That’s the case with Kyleanne Hunter, the Vice President of Programs for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  In a recent interview, Hunter expressed concern that while America is in a state of chaos, not enough is being done to inspect gun stores.

The government ‘gun store inspectors’ haven’t been deemed ‘essential workers’ during the Covid-19 scare.  This means that thousands of guns are being sold in stores that are normally inspected but are forgoing that inspection for the time being.

Hunter said, “We don’t know how gun dealers are acting,” she said. “Groceries are still open but the FDA is still open inspecting the food. Why aren’t agents inspecting the gun stores?”

Have mercy, Lord.  How will America continue on in such a state???

Hunter went on to say that gun safety courses are cancelled nationwide, so nobody is teaching these new gun owners how to handle their new weapons!  Further, new gun owners who are cooped up in their houses with their family could turn violent.  “One of our biggest fears is that we will have people, more and more people, in difficult situations because they’re stuck at home with a gun, especially with first-time gun owners.”

Lady, if somebody is going to snap and try to kill their own family, we’re pretty sure they’re going to find a way to do that.  After all, hammers and blunt objects are used to kill more people than the semi-automatic rifles you and your friends are so worried about.

Brady Bunch Are Loony Leftists

Hunter– can we talk about somebody who has the wrong name for her job?–anyway, Hunter says that individual states should be inspecting their gun stores, since the Federal government isn’t doing that right now.  Also, governors should bring up gun safety during their press conferences.

Sure, we’ll pay state employees to go visit these gun stores while millions of American’s aren’t working.  Because making sure gun store employees remember how to fill out forms is essential–never mind that the forms will get kicked out of NICS if they’re filled out improperly.

Alcohol vs. Gun Safety Is A Conversation They Don’t Want To Have

Hunter went on to say, “We need to destigmatize the conversation in a very real way,” she said. “We are usually hesitant to ask people if they have guns and if they’re stored, and we need to normalize that conversation just like we normalize the conversations about drinking too much during stressful times.”

That’s funny. Remember what we said about being tone deaf?  This lady doesn’t have a clue how out of touch she sounds.

American’s don’t have to get a permit to buy alcohol. There’s no waiting periods.  No background checks.  No fees paid for the right to buy it.  There are no classes to take on how to safely drink it and store it.  No restrictions on making sure the bottles are unable to be opened by children.

She’s acts like gun owners need to have as much attention given to safety as alcohol use does.  In reality, gun owners have to run the gauntlet compared to those who drink alcohol.

These people should be laughed out of town, but thanks to the radical left’s deep pocket donors, they’re not going anywhere.

We should be inspecting gun stores during the Corona scare?  What a joke.