FBI Crime Statistics for 2018: You’re Five Times More Likely To Be Killed With a Knife than a Rifle

Washington, DC — Recently released FBI data doesn’t show what the leftist media want it to, so they’re burying it.  The FBI recently released their crime data for 2018.

This catalogs all the killings that the FBI cataloged during 2018.

The data shows that there were 1,515 deaths as a result of knives or other cutting instruments.

But when you compare that 1,515 to the number of deaths as a result of rifles, it paints a different narrative than the media would have Americans believe.   Why?  Because there were only 297 deaths by rifle in 2018.

This is also interesting because back in 2017, the gap between the two categories was smaller.

In 2017, there were only four knife deaths for every rifle death.

But in only one year, that gap widened significantly.  Now there are five stabbing deaths for every rifle death.

This data releaser comes while the media is attempting to whip Americans into a fevered pitch on gun control.

According to them, “Assault Rifles” are taking over the world!  This feeds into their narrative and helps convince lawmakers to pass an assault rifle ban. But it doesn’t reflect reality.

Note that this is ANY rifle death, too!  If you removed all the bolt action, pump, or lever action and leave only the semi-automatic rifles, the number would shrink even more!

The FBI data also showed that more than 430 people were killed with a blunt object, such as a club, stick, or hammer.

But of course, nobody in the media is screaming about a Hammer Ban!

The next time you see a lawmaker tweet or post about the great danger of rifles, share this story with them.

Ask them why they’re not calling for a knife ban, like the United Kingdom is enjoying.

Ask them when Hammer Control is going to get the attention it deserves!