CNN Heavily Edits Footage Of Joe Biden Shouting at Gun Owner–What A Joke!

We mentioned yesterday how Joe Biden appears to be Big Media’s choice for candidate.  How else can they explain ignoring gaffe after blunder after misspeak after outright creepy thing he says?  I mean, the leg hair comment alone would have buried any other candidate!

Here’s some proof positive.  Most gun owners in America have seen yesterday’s latest example of Senile Joe, where he insulted and shouted at a blue collar auto worker in Detroit.

The Original Footage

Just to remind you, check out the short video here.  It’s less than two minutes long:

Aside from the arrogance and elitism, the simple number of factual errors is astounding.  After all, what the heck is an AR-14?

It leads to wonder about Joe’s health.  A cursory look at the symptoms of dementia includes the  following cognitive and sensory changes:

  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty in communication, especially finding the right words to communicate
  • Reduced ability to organize, plan, reason, or solve problems
  • Difficulty handling complex tasks
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • Aggression or Combativeness

Does anybody in Joe Biden’s family care enough about him to get him off the trail?  Or at least care enough about America that they wouldn’t let this guy near the nuclear weapon codes?

Oh.  That’s right.  We all know the story with the Biden family.  They don’t care about Joe or America.  They care about money and power–and staying out of prison!

The CNN Remix:

But here’s the point of this article!  Let’s compare that with the edited CNN version:

That’s hysterical!  CNN used footage that kept the viewer from seeing that he was “shushing” his own staffer twice!  They beeped out the expletive.  They cut the entire video off before American viewers could see what a crazy old lunatic Joe looks like.

That’s how you spin the narrative to make gun owners look crazy!  Meanwhile, anybody who saw the whole footage saw that Biden was an angry, aggressive jerk to that factory worker.

If you know anybody who still watches CNN, send this article along to them.  Maybe they’ll see that watching #FakeNews doesn’t make them smarter–just uninformed.