WATCH: Gun Owner Goes Toe to Toe With Joe Biden

Joe Biden gets mocked a lot for all of his gaffes and bumbling ways.  But now that the Democrats have slated him as their leading man, it’s time to view him as the serious threat that he is.

At a Detroit auto plant yesterday, a brave gun owner told Joe Biden that he was trying to take our gun rights away.  Joe replied to him, “You’re full of shit.  I support the Second Amendment!”

Watch the short video here:

Just watching the arrogance on Biden’s face is repulsive. He’s a threat to gun owners because he obviously thinks he stands in judgment over the Constitution and FAR above the average citizen.

It’s obvious, too, that Biden wasn’t expecting anybody to stand up to him or to call him out. But the gun owner wasn’t intimidated by Biden, and didn’t back down one inch. As Big Media has fallen, their propped up heroes fall, too. A man like Biden used to be respected and feared! No average guy would have dared to stand up to him like that. But once the good people of America found out that these political families are all filled with corruption and perversion, the jig was up.

Stand up to them! Just like this rock-solid guy, gun owners must stand up to them every chance they get! It might be sending letters, emails or petitions. It could be via the phone or even in person.  Either way,  gun owners need to realize like this guy that the man behind the curtain is a coward and a liar. WE have the real power!

Also, if anybody reading this knows the name of the bearded guy who told Joe where to go, put us in touch!  We’d be happy to buy him a beer and maybe send him some 2A swag.