CDC Was Too Busy Pushing Gun Control, Social Justice Topics To Do Their Job

The media’s narrative on the Covid-19 Virus debacle has been that this is a ‘novel’ virus that just appeared out of nowhere and nobody could have helped that or stopped the course of events that have followed.

When faced with a scary disease, Americans typically  turn to the Centers for Disease Control for answers. Nobody could blame the Centers for Disease Control if they’re caught flat footed by a disease if it’s new, right?

CDC Was Busy Fighting Social Justice Battles, Instead of Fighting Diseases

Why would we expect the CDC to have a leg up on Covid-19?  Because that’s the entire reason that the CDC exists: to study, diagnose, treat and prevent diseases.  At least, if you’re like most Americans, that’s what you think they’re doing.

But a closer look at the initiatives they’ve undertaken in the last 25 years gives a clearer picture of why they are all but helpless in the face of Covid-19: they’ve become a puppet for the radical left.  In order to secure ever larger funding, they’ve strayed far from their original purpose and instead, have busied themselves fighting the “diseases” of gun violence, obesity, racism, and more.

Just in December, when this virus was already working its way through China, the CDC. and the National Institute for Health received a budget of $25 million dollars to study the effects of gun violence.   Their studies will be used as ammo by leftist politicians and legislators to ‘prove’ why guns are too dangerous for the average citizen to own, of course!

See how that works?  The left gets them funding for their pet project, and suddenly we have research that matches the left’s conclusion!

Sociology Instead of Virology

But it’s not just guns, because $25 million is pennies in the CDC’s $6.6 billion dollar budget.  No, back in 1999, there was the promise that the CDC was going to eradicate syphilis.  To that end, they allocated millions of dollars to fighting racism.  Those mean old syphilis germs just needed some propaganda and diversity training!

In 2011, Hillary Clinton said that with the CDC’s help, America was going to have an “AIDS free generation.”  More programs directed at changing people’s behavior were rolled out and lots of taxpayers’ money was thrown away.  Needless to say, we haven’t seen that generation yet.

Then in 2015, Joe Biden used the CDC to launch his political publicity stunt, the Cancer Moonshot, promising to find a ‘cancer vaccine’ by 2020 or some imaginary date.  While on the campaign trail last year, Biden said, “If I’m elected president you’re gonna see single most important thing that changes America, we’re going to cure cancer.”

Then came the CDC’s fight against obesity. But obesity is not an infectious or contagious disease.  It’s a result of lifestyle choices and genetics over the course of decades!  But don’t bother to tell the CDC that!  In the fight against obesity, the CDC gave millions of dollars to 15 different American colleges.  The money was not to train scientists. No, it went to fund contracts with farmers markets to give college students healthier lunch room choices.

We’re not kidding.

Didn’t We Learn Anything?

Gun owners and all Americans likely remember the Ebola scare of 2014.  It was obvious to people familiar with contagious diseases that — despite their $6.6 billion dollar budget — the CDC wasn’t prepared for a serious disease to sweep the country.  Their own protocols when dealing with Ebola were part of why it was able to get a foothold in America at all.

Specifically, they didn’t require a quarantine for medical personnel who had been exposed to Ebola unless they were already showing symptoms!  They also had no processes in place for people who might have been exposed but weren’t symptomatic.  There was no Ebola vaccine.  Staff at the CDC even mishandled Ebola virus samples, sending live viruses to unsecured locations.

They literally had one job.

Study Diseases Instead of Trying To Control Social Behavior

The Centers for Disease control has strayed far from it’s original purpose.  Instead of actually being ready to diagnose, treat, and prevent contagious diseases, the CDC is performing whatever song and dance the left requires of them in order to get more funding.

The CDC spent $106 million on a visitor’s center with Japanese gardens, they spent $200K on a new gym for staff, funded a transgender beauty pageant, and more.

Anti-gun data?  Coming right up!   How to cure the ‘contagious disease’ of obesity?  You’ve got it.  Insane pie-in-the-sky promises like curing cancer across the board?  Just say when!

Pardon Us For Not Buying Their Anti-Gun Rhetoric

Bloated, inefficient, and without anybody holding them accountable, the CDC has failed us.  Their commitment to social justice kept them from making the hard choices necessary to keep infected people out of our country. Will they admit that they’re basically a shill for radical leftists?  Will they be honest that their research on ‘gun violence’ was basically bought and paid for by the anti-gun crowd?

No, they won’t.  Our enemies are well-funded and entrenched in Washington D.C..  They are good at acting the part of scientific and respectable organizations.  But their track record shows they’re just another bloated government program that’s become committed to social justice causes.

By the time the CDC is done mishandling the China Virus, we’re going to have lost our right to assemble, our right to bear arms, our right to free speech, our right to gather to worship in church and more!   It’s time for Americans to drain the swamp — and fast!