Bloomberg’s Super Bowl Ad Claim is Dead Wrong

We reported earlier in the week how Michael Bloomberg spent $11 million dollars on a sixty-second ad for gun control during the Super Bowl.

We poked holes in Bloomberg’s claim that ‘gun violence’ was a national crises with “2,900 American children” dying of gun violence every year.  This manufactured hysteria ignores the staggering numbers of Americans who die from alcohol, drug overdose, obesity, and car accidents.  These things cost ten and twenty times more lives.

We’re always sorry to see children die (unlike Bloomberg, who is happy to see them die in the womb) but we thought his number of “2,900 children” seemed a bit high.

Turns out, we were right.

First of all, that number he quoted comes from Everytown for Gun Safety.  So Bloomberg funds the ‘think tank’ –we use that term loosely–that gives him his data.

Secondly, that number includes “children” from the age of 0 to 19.  That’s right.  Legal adults count as children to Bloomberg and his employees at Everytown.

Boy, does that change the narrative!  Now you’re including violent adult gang members in “children.”

In reality, when you remove all the adults 18 and over, and only count children 0 to 17, the number of children who die by gun violence is actually about 1,499.   Then, of those 1,499, sadly, two out of five of those deaths are suicides.

So when you remove the adults and the suicides, you’re left with a number closer to 900.  That means that Bloomberg’s quoted number of children who died by gun violence was off by about 73%.

You can’t make this stuff up!  Well…they can and they sure do.

Interestingly, the dead poster ‘child’ that Bloomberg used in his ad died in what Richmond, TX police describe as gang violence.  Watch the ad here:

The young man in this video, George Kemp, Jr. was not a child at all, despite what the video wants us to think.  He was a 20-year-old man at the time of his death.  Police reports from the scene and later court documents indicated that two rival gangs met up with the intention of having a fight.  Kemp Jr. was shot and killed by an 18-year-old, yet another indicator that this crime should not have been made the focus of an anti-gun ad implying children are dying.

No, Bloomberg has nothing.  All he’s got are hobbled-together facts from reports that he essentially paid his own staff to invent.  Then he’s got a crying mother whose 20-year-old son died in a gang fight.

What Bloomberg DOES have is nearly bottomless pockets.  And he’s got friends in the media and education who are happy to use their influence to further their leftist agenda.

They’re only too happy to convince the younger generations of Americans to hate the ideas of their parents and grandparents.

We don’t have billions.  What we do have is millions of rock-solid gun owners who are willing to die before they see their country become a leftist hell-hole.