WATCH: Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Superbowl Ad

Years ago, the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ meant something.  Besides being the title of a classic Mel Gibson movie, it meant that at the very least, you didn’t buy the official narrative told by the media.

But the term is basically meaningless now.  Thanks to President Trump and the media jumping the shark time after time (Knob Creek, Kentucky, anybody?) the media is largely ignored as the #FakeNews they are.

But some people still gobble it up, and they still vote.  That’s what presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is banking on.  Bloomberg announced this week that he’s going to run a sixty-second ad for gun control during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Of course, Bloomberg is making gun control a central part of his presidential campaign.   Check out his ad here:

We hate to give him views on his ad, but estimates place the numbers of viewers for Sunday’s game near 100 million people, anyway.

The cost of Bloomberg’s sixty-second ad during the Super Bowl is north of $11 million dollars.

The irony of this anti-gun message is lost on the left.  The same Mike Bloomberg who buys an ad saying that “You have a right to live” doesn’t have a problem with abortion that ends 4,000 lives a day.

In fact, the ad talks about how 2,900 children die from ‘gun violence’ every year in America.

That’s terrible.

But it’s a shameless political move to act like this is a national crisis.  Drug overdoses killed 70,000 Americans in 2017.  Obesity kills 112,000 Americans per year.  Heck, car accidents kill more than 32,000 Americans a year.

Fake Tears To Cover For Elitism

No, Bloomberg and his crowd don’t really care about people being killed by firearms.  He cares about political power and control.  Like the rest of the field of Democrat candidates, he believes that the smart few elites should be in control.  They should control all the guns and therefore have total control of the population.

President Trump is also airing an ad during the Super Bowl.  His thirty-second spot highlights the economic successes that are far more likely to resonate with Super Bowl viewers than Bloomberg’s anti gun screed.  Check it out:

There’s a lot more Trump could do for our gun rights, but it’s always fun to see him kicking Bloomberg and the other leftists in the teeth.