Virginia Democrat Tells Northam: I’m Not Voting For Your Gun Control

Richmond, VA–With a legislative session of only sixty days and already a 40% increase in bills proposed, Virginia’s Democrat government is intent on passing as much radical legislation as possible.

But one Democrat isn’t on board for the whole train ride.  Senator Lynwood Lewis of the 6th district published an opinion piece making sure to distance himself from Northam’s radical gun control policies.

Not a Hero, But Not Blind, Either

Before we pat this guy on the back, know that this Democrat still backs Red Flags, expanding background checks, and more.  Not exactly a gun-rights hero.

But still, Lewis said that he would vote against any measure that unilaterally banned any weapon–including anything that resembled House delegate Mark Levine’s AR-15 ban. He pointed out that an AR-15 ban had been proposed in the Senate and had already been defeated and that no such bill was still in play in the Senate.

Lewis said, “There is no Senate bill now regarding the banning of assault rifles. The Governor’s bill on this topic was introduced in the House of Delegates and is being carried by Delegate Mark Levine. As I stated publicly before the Session and as was reported in Eastern Shore news media I will not be supporting any type of ban legislation whether on a particular type of firearm or a particular type of magazine.”

Lewis also objected to the inconsistency of the Democrats’ desire to raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm.

He said, “As a general philosophical approach to legislation which seeks to increase the age threshold from eighteen to twenty-one I have a problem, since we allow eighteen year olds to vote and in all other respects be treated as adult members of society. I do not believe that we can pick and choose for which things they should be held accountable as adults. We should have had that discussion decades ago when we decided to treat eighteen year olds as full adults. Unless we want to have that larger discussion again, I will resist increasing the age to twenty-one.”

When even a pro-gun control Democrat thinks you’ve gone too far, you’ve jumped the shark for sure!

How Long Can Northam Protect His Gang?

It’s good to see a few Democrats peeling off from Northam’s mob.  Maybe Bloomberg’s office forgot to send a check to Lewis?   Or maybe he’s got a strong contingency of pro-gun Republicans in his district that stayed home last election but won’t make that mistake again.

Either way, this is how you do it.  Make the specific, individual legislator bear the brunt of a targeted campaign of attacks.  Social media, calls, emails, all of it.  Blow up his cell phone with calls from angry gun owners.  That’s what Bloomberg and Co. are doing to our guys.  Time to get on the field and play hardball.