Unapologetic Republican Senator From Florida Takes $500,000 from Bloomberg, Backs Red Flags

Apparently, sellout Republicans are the theme of the week!   We told you yesterday how Republicans in South Dakota have filed a Red Flag bill.    Meanwhile, in Wyoming, a Republican has filed a bill to dramatically expand the NICS database! In Missouri, the Democrats are crowing because Republicans are planning to file a gun control bill of their own!

News broke this week from Florida and it’s the most egregious case we’ve heard of yet!

Florida Senate President Bill Galvano of Bradenton, FL made headlines for backing Bloomberg style gun control. He’s not even remotely sorry about it, but was open about his willingness to combat “gun violence.”

Anytime you have a Republican using that phrase like it’s a real thing and not a propaganda phrase, you know you’re in trouble.

Galvano has said, “We definitely need to revisit the red flag law and see if there are ways that we can expand it within the parameters of the law to make it more effective. It’s been utilized successfully many, many times and I do think that expanded background checks are something that we should take a very, very serious look at and not dismiss out of the gate.”

Why on earth would the Senate President of the “Gunshine State” be doing this?

That’s when the truth came out.  Senator Galvano had accepted two donations to his political committee, the “Innovate Florida” committee.  The donations were from Everytown for Gun Safety, Bloomberg’s front group!

Treachery By Any Reckoning

There are disgusting Republican cowards out there in droves. But THIS is a level of treason we haven’t seen before!

When confronted, Galvano wasn’t sorry and didn’t even try to cover it up.  He said that he “will make no apologies” for supporting Bloomberg’s gun control.  He went on to say that he “grateful for the support” from Everytown!

What a disgrace.  The spectacle drew the attention of Donald Trump, Jr, who got in on the action.  Trump Jr. pegged Galvanao and said, “Any supposed ‘Republican’ who proudly accepts money from Mini Mike Bloomberg and is supportive of his gun control agenda is nothing more than a stone cold RINO. The last thing Florida Republicans need is a liberal, gun-grabbing Bloomberg minion leading them in the State Senate.”

Boom!!  Republicans aren’t our friends just because they are in our party!  They could be literally bought and paid for by the strongest enemies of our gun rights.

Florida gun owners should run this guy out on a rail!