Missouri Republicans Are Planning to File a Gun Control Bill of Their Own!

Jefferson City, MO–Folks, it gets old, this song and dance of being sold down the river by Republicans.  And for gun voters in Missouri, it’s looks like that’s the Republican’s new game plan: sell out gun owners at every turn.

Just this past week, Democrat Representative Crystal Quade told reporters that Missouri Republicans were going to unveil a gun control bill of their own for the 2020 session!  Quade did not give the name of the sponsor.

This is outrageous!  As gun owners across the country are getting kicked in the teeth by radical leftists, this is how Republicans repay them.

And yet, gun owners are waking up in droves to the fact that the enemy isn’t just the Democrats in front of them.  The enemy is all around them.   And as more Republicans find it convenient to sell out on gun rights, it becomes nearly impossible for gun owners to ignore the treason in their camp.

This Isn’t a Shock, Unfortunately

We told you last fall how Republican Speaker of the House Elijah Haahr and Republican Governor Mike Parson were flirting with gun control all last fall.

But just because you know your girlfriend might be cheating on you doesn’t mean you’re not mad as hell when you find out it’s true.

As for the bill that Quade told us was coming, we still don’t know what’s in it.  It could be Red Flags, since there’s been Republican sympathy to that before.

It could be preemption, a law that would allow radical mayors like Lyda Krewson of St. Louis to pass any gun control she wants in her city.  And as everybody knows, once gun control passes in the urban areas, it’s nearly impossible to keep it from spreading to the state level.

Either way, we’ll keep you updated on who and what this bill is all about as we find out more.

Either Party Will Take Your Rights Away

We’ll say it louder for the folks who might not read our site regularly:  This is a perfect example of why gun owners HAVE to stop giving support (or covering for!) politicians based on their party.

We don’t care what party you’re in.  If you compromise one inch on our gun rights, you’re the enemy.  In fact, we’ll go further than that.  If we elected you to fight for our rights and you aren’t willing to go.to.town with the leftists for our gun rights, then you’re not our friend.

And you’re not getting our support, donations, or vote ever again.  In fact, all you’ll get are angry phone calls, angry emails, and public blasts about the fact that you’re a coward or a sellout.