Republican Governor of Missouri Says He’s Open to Increasing Statewide Gun Control

Jefferson City, MO — Running away from a fight when you’re not even in danger of losing is the mark of a coward or a traitor.

We’re just going to say it.

Republican Governor of Missouri Mike Parson is doing just that.  Parson held a meeting on Monday, December 2nd with the ultra-liberal Mayor of St. Louis, as well as the liberal mayors of Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia.  Their mission:  gun control and increasing regulations and restrictions on gun owners.

Missouri enacted Constitutional Carry in January of 2017 and is a red state from top to bottom.  And yet Parson and his table of cronies want to increase gun regulations.   They’re not being hounded by leftists, and Bloomberg hasn’t dumped millions into ousting Parson or pro-gun legislators.  They’re selling out Missouri’s gun rights because they want to, not because they “have” to.

What exactly does Parson want to do?  Nobody really knows, because this little meeting of powerful mayors and the Governor haven’t been upfront about their plans.

Most of the speculation in Missouri’s capital is that this corrupt crew  would like to do away with Missouri’s “Preemption Clause.” This clause states that no city can make a law that violates the state law.  Once the Preemption Clause is gone, these leftist mayors can pass whatever gun control they like in their cities, and the citizens in their cities effectively lose the gun rights they are guaranteed by the State of Missouri.

Several of them have also expressed support for Red Flag laws in Missouri.  They want to crack down on “domestic violence’ cases and have alluded to casting a wider net in other ways.

Leftists Keep Using That Word…

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas thinks that more gun restrictions are “reasonable.”    “We think that these steps are reasonable ones,” he said. “We’ll be pushing to make sure they’ll be in effect both in our localities, but also statewide.”

Get that?   First get rid of preemption law in their cities so they can pass gun control there, then force it down the whole state’s throat.

Republican Gov. Parson said that he’ll ask the Republican-dominated state Legislature to pass the new restrictions.  He went on to say, “We don’t need to keep talking about it. What is it we can really put into effect?

We can name 10 different things, but the reality of it is, if you can do seven of the 10, what are we doing wasting our time talking about it?”

The largest gun-rights organization with boots on the ground in Missouri is the Missouri Firearms Coalition.

They’ve been fighting tooth and nail against the anti-gun crowd and forced the passage of Constitutional Carry back in 2017.  This is their primary battle:  fighting moderate Republicans in Jefferson City.

Even with a supermajority of Republicans in the legislature and a Republican governor, the state hasn’t passed any pro-gun bills in 3 years.  And now Missouri’s Governor who claims to be ‘one of the good guys’ is going to sell gun owners own the river.

Bowing to Bloomberg, Parson has joined fellow-sellout Republican Elijah Haahr in agreeing to passing radical gun control in 2020.

We Aren’t in the Business of Forgetting Anymore

Moderate Republicans be warned:  gun owners will crush you at the ballot box for treason like this.

You will not hide behind your Republican label.

You will not get enough political cover from the NRA to redeem you.

You’ll be hounded throughout the state by gun owners, and they will NOT forget what you do in the 2020 legislative session.