Kentucky Joins the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Movement Before New Anti-Gun Governor Takes Office

Harlan County, KY — A County Fiscal Court meeting held in Harlan County saw Kentucky join the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement on Tuesday.

We’ve told you how Kentucky’s anti-gun democrats are gearing up for their new patsy governor, Andy Beshear.  There are already anti-gun bills filed and waiting for him. 

All they need is for Republican legislators to keep playing nice and they’ve got it in the bag.

But not in Harlan County.   There are freedom lovers, there.

In comments made at the meeting, Judge-Executive Dan Mosley made it clear that he realizes what this fight is about.

“Any time you see gun crimes occur, you’re not seeing law-abiding citizens involved in those crimes.  We don’t feel like that law-abiding citizens should be infringed upon. They have this right as guaranteed by the Constitution of this country.”

Mosley isn’t alone in thinking these things.  He said that several people in the county had brought it up to him in recent weeks.  No doubt watching the Sanctuary movement spread like wildfire had a hand in it.

“Folks who had saw what was going on in Virginia. And, many counties over there passed the resolution, declaring themselves as a sanctuary county for the Second Amendment,” said Mosley.

And like in so many other states, Mosley believes that the majority is on the side of gun rights.  There are a few radical anti-gun noisemakers, but by and large, Kentucky is a pro-gun, pro-America state.

One gun owner who showed up to the meeting on Tuesday agreed.  Robert Harmon, said, “It’s just a belief that I have and I’ve had it since I was a kid. If we keep letting people walk on us, we won’t have any rights at all, whatsoever.”

And Harlan County isn’t alone.  Marshall County in Kentucky also met on Tuesday to see about making their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary.  They are still working on the wording of their resolution, but anticipate that it will pass in the near future.

Kicking Butt and Taking Names!

Kentucky joins many other states in this effort.  Illinois started the ball rolling in 2018, followed quickly by Washington State, Oregon, Colorado, and New Mexico.  As more bad laws were proposed in other states, Sanctuary counties have cropped up in Texas, Florida, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and even New Jersey.

Watching this movement grow is as much fun as winning a shopping spree at the gun store.  God Bless America.   We’re proud as hell of you.