Brian Kemp Endorses Anti-Gun Karen Handel

Atlanta, Georgia — What a week it has been in Georgia politics.

With all the focus on Brian Kemp set to appoint women’s basketball WNBA owner Kelly Loeffler to the U.S. Senate, under the radar is his endorsement of anti-gun Karen Handel’s Congressional run in Georgia CD6.

During her short stint in Congress, Karen Handel ignored the wishes of pro-gun organizations like Gun Owners of America, and instead VOTED for Diane Feinstein’s gun control, HR 4477.

This publication wrote about her votes here and here.

We wrote about her endorsement by anti-gun Johnny Isakson just two weeks ago.  You can read that.

Handel is also backed by the “Republican Main Street Partnership”, a group dedicated to electing middle of the road Republicans.

Governor Kemp made waves this week by saying he doesn’t care less what “the political establishment thinks.”

Hard to imagine that if he endorsed Karen Handel, who’s picture is next to the word “establishment” in the dictionary.