Three Masked Teens Shot and Killed by Homeowner During Armed Robbery Gone Wrong

Conyers, GA — Police reported that three young teenage boys were killed during an attempted robbery early Monday morning.

According to the police report, the three teens were in the middle of their robbery when one of them began shooting a gun at the homeowner.

The homeowner returned fire and all three boys were hit.

The call came early Monday morning from neighbors who reported they heard multiple shots fired in a normally peaceful neighborhood.

When they arrived, deputies with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office found three young men shot and injured.

They teens were aged 15, 16 and 16.  Police began first aid, but it was already too late for one of the alleged robbers.

The other two died later at a nearby hospital.

As details emerged, police revealed that the teens had approached the home wearing masks.

They attempted to rob three people who were in the front yard.  One of the teens pulled out a gun and shot towards the three victims who were standing there.

One of the three men in the yard pulled out a weapon of his own and returned fire.

He hit all three of the robbers.  All three died of their injuries.

Neighbors Opinions Varied:

One neighbor, Asteria Williams had good things to say about the homeowner during an interview by local news crews.

She said of the homeowner, “He’s a nice, caring dude. If they would have knocked on the door and asked him for anything, he would have gave it to them. It’s sad. You should not risk your life for nothing like that because you can’t get it back. Now, they’re gone, and it’s sad.”

But relatives of one of the dead thugs didn’t see it that way.

They were blaming the homeowner for how aggressively he fought for his life.

An unidentified man, who claimed to be related to one of the dead robbers, thought it was too much.

“That’s not how it’s supposed to go. I understand one shot to stop the people, the victims or whatever, but aggressively to shoot these little teens, that’s overkill. That’s too much to handle.”

The event is still under investigation, but as of right now, no charges have been filed against the man who defended himself.

That’s the second time in two days we’ve reported the the family of a violent armed robber tried to blame the intended victim for fighting back.

Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend!  Taking responsibility for their choices is the first step.

The homeowner already took responsibility for his own safety, and that’s likely why he’s alive today.