WATCH: Siblings of Armed Robber Blame Clerk for Killing Thug Brother

After a violent thug barged into a Dollar General Store, pulled out a firearm and demanded cash, a concealed carrying clerk fired back.

The front desk clerk fired one shot into the 23-year-old’s chest, killing the thug on the spot.

Siblings of the now deceased armed thug were interviewed by the media, and they claimed the clerk was in the wrong.

The dead man’s sister said that it was wrong for the clerk to be armed, and especially wrong for the clerk to fire upon the armed attacker.

She blamed the innocent law abiding citizen for protecting their own life.

There is a huge misunderstanding of the right to self-defense in American society.

If you feel that your life is in danger, or a threat is imminent to your family, you have the right to use force.

Gun owners, educate yourselves on your Second Amendment rights and exercise them!