Feinstein: It’s Time to Ban Magazines That Hold More Than Ten Rounds

Washington, DC — In a letter to the editor published in the Los Angeles Times on Monday, September 16th, Diane Feinstein pushed for Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump to pass the Safe America Act.

This bill would ban all magazines over ten rounds and provide funding for a buyback for the 100 million high capacity mags currently in circulation.

Feinstein didn’t mention how many magazines were currently in American citizen’s homes.

If she had, it would have been glaringly obvious that with such a staggeringly high number, they clearly aren’t the threat she claims.

Her letter made emotional references to Dayton and other shootings.

She used that emotion to claim that many mass shooters could be stopped in the middle of their rampages if they had to stop more often to reload.

Of course, a shooter is most easily stopped by a good guy with a gun.

How many unarmed people are going to charge a shooter in the middle of a spray of bullets while they take two seconds to reload?  Not many.

Feinstein even claims, “But these laws, and especially the magazine ban, can limit the death toll without impeding anyone’s gun rights.”

But taking away 100 million lawfully owned magazines from Americans who haven’t committed any crime is the definition of impeding our Second Amendment rights!

The Fight Is Raging:

Last week, we told you how the House Judiciary Committee passed three anti-gun bills out of their committee and onto the House for a full vote.

These three bills are the Safe America Act, which would ban high capacity magazines.

The other two are a national Red Flag gun confiscation bill, and a bill making anybody convicted of a hate crime ineligible to own a gun.

These three bills need to be stopped in their tracks.

Republican legislators need to know how gun owners feel, and they need to know that compromise will not be forgiven or forgotten!

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