DC ALERT: Democrats Pass Magazine Ban and Red Flag Bill

Washington, DC — The House Judiciary Committee passed three bills out of committee on Tuesday, September 11th that would advance sweeping gun control.

The first bill would ban all ‘high capacity magazines,’ which were defined as a magazine with more than 10 rounds.

They would grandfather in the 100 million magazines already in circulation but would prohibit the production or sale of any new magazines.

The second bill allocated funds to incentivize states to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws.

The final gun bill would make it illegal for anybody convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime to own a gun.

The Democratically controlled House Judiciary Committee made plenty of noise about passing these bills to prevent more mass shootings.

Ranking Republicans on the committee—who were outvoted when the bill passed out of committee—weren’t as impressed.

Republican Doug Collins of Georgia implied that the passage of these gun control bills was nothing but throwing a bone to the anti-gun crowd and soothing their own consciences.

He noted that these bills wouldn’t have done much to prevent the mass shootings we’ve seen to date.

From here, these bills advance to the full House, and then to the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is refusing to hear any gun control bills.

Let’s hope these bills die here, without advancing even for discussion.

Implementation Nightmare:

How will they verify that a magazine was ‘old’ enough to be grandfathered, since magazines aren’t dated, or given serial numbers?

In order to accomplish this magazine ban, will they serial number and register all 100 million of the existing magazines?

Thomas Massie made an accurate observation about the magazine ban, as well, when he posted about these bills on Twitter:

Yep, that’s exactly right.

Magazine sales will spike, and instead of American’s owning 100 million of them pre-ban, they’ll own 110 million of them.

And mass shootings will continue to happen, but the anti-gun left will tell virtue signal that it’s not their fault.

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